Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ching Chong Means Asians Are Cool, Goddammit.

I assume most of you have heard about Alexandra Wallace, that blonde UCLA student who went on a racist rant against Asians, and in what can only be called a blonde moment posted the video on Youtube of all places (uh, Alexandra, Asians DO know how to use Youtube you know). So yeah, bla bla Asians say 'ching chong ling long' bla bla racist racist racism. Boring. There have always been racists, there will always be racists.

It's how people react to racism that matters, right?

THIS guy turned something insensitive and ignorant into something funny. 

He's, as far as I can tell, one of those guys who produce songs and post them up on Youtube. One of countless others, until he made this song which has since catapulted him into the limelight. Jimmy Wong, I don't think you'd ever read this but thank you for not reacting in anger and rabid reverse racism which totally just generates even more hating and anger (but I think you knew that already). Plus, your song is pretty damn catchy! 

Buy his songs on iTunes, all proceeds go to charity!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Waves, Big Problems

I was, along with pretty much the entire world, horrified when videos of waves battering a nation came up on the internet. Before that, I was like "Oh... Tsunami again?". Not that I don't care, but somehow, after repeated occurrences of natural disasters all over the world, I have ceased to be "OMG OMG OMGGGGG HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??" and more ".... Again??"

Then I saw the videos of huge-ass waves rolling gleefully where no waves should be. It's frightening to see how easily man's best efforts can be crushed under the weight of nature. It's almost like the technology and advancements we're so proud of are like little sandcastles on the beach. One wave, and it's all gone. Again, we are forcefully reminded that we're temporary and despite our arrogance, we are pitifully dependent on the goodwill of Mother Nature. And sometimes Mother Nature can get nasty, you know?

Click here to see satellite images of before and after the tsunami in Japan.

 Damn horrendous right? All I could do was gasp in horror. It takes a while to process the fact that PEOPLE lived in those little houses in the pictures, worked in those little buildings, and laboured in the little green squares that WERE fields. And now homes and entire livelihoods are gone. It's not just a matter of a tsunami, it's about how this nation is going to rebuild itself in the aftermath. And just like how sometimes you need a helping hand to find your feet after a bad fall, Japan needs us right now. If you haven't donated, do it! There are many ways to do it, from dropping money into the donation box at temples, churches, etc, to donating via iTunes.

Google Crisis Response is a project for the tsunami, your donations will go to the Japan Red Cross Society.
You can also donate through iTunes! Not too sure how it works, cos I don't have iTunes, but apparently it's really easy. Check it out, iTunes people!

Do it for the homeless Japanese people who can't take a shower cos there's a water shortage. And shiver in the almost-freezing temperatures. And can't find their loved ones. Or at the veeery least, for the sake of the cool techy stuff that come from Japan.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Minor Abuse, Major Fucktardness

What were you doing at 11?

By 11, I mean age-wise, not time-wise.

At 11, I was in standard 5. I had just begun to grow out of my tomboyish ways and accept that it was not the wisest thing to do to climb trees while wearing a pinafore. I came home from school every day, and sat in a corner reading the latest offerings from the book rental shop. I would then get yelled at for reading when the latest offerings from my sadistic school teachers still lay unattended. I had dinner, I watched TV. I had a normal childhood.

Dhanalakshmi, from Tamil Nadu, was 11. At 11, she succumbed to injuries sustained from torture at the hands of her employer. Torture injuries include multiple burns and a fucking HAEMORRHAGE in one eye. She was in a frickin coma when her useless SOB employer (who is a lawyer, btw) took her to the hospital. What kind of sick animal beats the crap out of an 11-year-old girl? Come to think of it, what kind of person hires an 11-year-old to work? There are child labour laws in place, LAWYER.

All I can say is, there's a special place in hell for you. And I hope that you get haemorrhaged eyes everyday there.