Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes My Brain Produces Plotless Romantic Drivel =D

Sometimes she sits beside him, just drinking in his scent. Right now, he smells like clean laundry and Dove soap. Last night he smelt like the Mont Blanc cologne his mom got him for his birthday, mixed with a hint of his Marlboros. That slightly smoky smell of him makes her almost cross-eyed with delight, although she would never, for all the berry panacottas in the world, admit it ("Get those cancer sticks away from me!" she'd tell him every time he attempts to light up. "Look at the poor dead baby on your cigarette box!"). Last Monday, he smelt like satay. Tomorrow he'd probably smell like sweaty male (basketball). She loves them all.

He's reading the paper, and she watches as he casually props his right ankle on his left knee. He frowns a little as he reads the Business section (or the Boring section, as she privately terms it), and she longs to kiss away that small crease. His hair is getting a little long, and she wants to smooth some away from his forehead..... She realises she's been still for far too long, and ostentatiously turns the page of her as-yet-unread magazine. She also realises that she would make a very bad spy. She would dearly love to put her feet across his lap, but his bloody newspaper is in the way. Should she...?

He looks up, and she's caught staring speculatively at his thighs. He smiles. Magically, the newspaper disappears and a sweeping gesture of invitation is all it takes for her to swing her legs up and into the very same lap they were lusting after. He suddenly pounces on her, clamping her kicking legs between his thighs and tickling her tummy, and when she's lying there, flushed, disheveled and more than slightly breathless from the squirming and the giggles, he says "Marry me." 

Yeah, what did I say about pointless romantic drivel? Congratulations, you've just wasted 5 mins of your life, yay!

I just HAD to write myself a happy ending, it was a long day at work and I was feeling a little down.

Oh yes, I've started working! I'm now a working adult. God save the world. I am officially a writer for Emmagem, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine (phwoar it's a mouthful, innit?) where I was interning for the last 2 months. Been busy trotting off to events and writing like a mad cow in the office, hence the lack of posts... after writing all day, I'm loath to sit and type anymore, and anyway, once I get home from the office my brain just shuts down and refuses to think coherent thoughts. I'm lucky it's even still chugging along right now, sluggish though it may be.

The muse beckoned, and the muse has fled. So it is now time for me to go beddy-bye. au revoir! =D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm 23. And I Blog Less Cos Of Old Age.

Have been postponing my birthday post for a while because I don't have any pictures *looks meaningfully at Pei Vin*! This is just a short post til I can get all my pics (camera died, SIGH. Suddenly less motivated to take pics and blog WARGHH) but I just want to say that turning 23 has been one of the most awesomely touching events of my life thus far. From the boyfriend buying me a pair of GORGEOUS shoes that I gushed about MONTHS ago (he remembered the details and went to look for it in the store!), to David and Chrissy serenading me with my favourite song (David really doesn't like that song, which just makes it all the more heart-warming that he sang it!), and Sasa HAND-STITCHING my name onto a little bag for my makeup, I could not ask for more. Sasa and her bf, Sam, drove up all the way from Seremban just to celebrate with me, and everybody else made time to celebrate me getting a year older. The presents are intangible things, I swear.

That being said, Chrissy made me a tiara. By hand.
*tears up*

Pics and a proper post to come, I swear.