Monday, August 15, 2011


Sometimes I imagine love to be like sky diving or bungee jumping (although I've never actually dived or jumped): You take a leap of faith, trusting completely in your equipment; there is extreme fear AND extreme exhilaration; and sometimes there are casualties. I'm talking about the sort of love where there are no calculations, no 'I'd better love him a bit less than he loves me so I won't get hurt', no clauses, no fine print, no T&C. And let's be honest, a lot of relationships out there have at least a faint element of 'I better protect myself', hence some girls' method of cleaning out his bank account as fast as possible, or some people who always keep other options open "Just in case la, must have spare what". Of course, you can't go around metaphorically hurling yourself out of airplanes: statistically speaking, you definitely run a huge risk of ending up with a smashed face (heart?).

I've never been one for leaping off bridges and planes without a whole lot of safety equipment and back-ups. But I'm free-falling now. Have been for a while, but I guess I still had the plane in sight... Well, it's gone now. And my plummet is in earnest. Good thing I'm certain that my parachute works.

Oh, and my birthday pictures! Well, I won't be putting any of ME cos I look horrendous. But you MUST see the gorgeous hand-made pressies I got. It's a bit too belated to be posting pictures of my pressies, its smacks of total narcissism no? So I won't post all of them up, just the ones that my darlingest girls actually MADE.

 Chrissy made the tiara: Beads, wire, hairband, and LOTS of tape. I always did like being a princess after all!

 Sasa bought me a makeup pouch (she always laughed at my huge-ass makeup case) but personalized it by sewing on flowers and blanket-stitching my initials onto it! <3


Jesus, I look FAT in my birthday pics. Sigh.

 We all had to wear funky headgear! Ming didn't, though. He was planning to wear a plastic bag but left it in the car at the last minute. I don't know how I would've been able to eat my dinner with my boyfriend in a plastic bag, so maybe it was a good thing.

Birthday pics courtesy of the ever-gorgeous Pei Vin!

P/S: I'm only blogging today because I'm on sick leave. Regular days have me writing too much to even contemplate writing MORE, even for personal narcissism!