Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Biology and Moral DO NOT EQUAL Sex Education

So, today I was minding my own business, reading the papers, when I read THIS and almost choked on my chocolate milk

Teachers: Curiosity leads to teens toying with sex

Oookay. I thought teachers were supposed to be SMART! According to the secretary-general (not for much longer, I hope) of the National Union of the Teaching Profession, Lok Yim Phen, the "lack of sex education is not the cause of teenage pregnancies". Apparently, "sex education was already included in subjects like biology, science, moral and Islamic education".


I don't know about right now, but in my day (which wasn't too long ago, okay!!), there was no sex education in moral. Moral consisted of us mindlessly memorising all the stupid moral values which, by the way, had to be written down word-for-word. NO DEVIATION AT ALL, WHETHER IN ARRANGEMENT OF WORDS OR IMBUHAN. So, that was our moral (and sex!) education. Right. Memorising the exact sentence structure for the value of 'trustworthiness' really taught us about sex. No, really. Halfway through the lesson, our teacher would tell us about how unprotected sex would lead to STDs and stuff.

Pfft. Bullshit.

Eh, let me enlighten you teachers on something. Telling a bunch of giggly 15-17 year old students about the science of copulation in Science and Biology classes is not 'sex education'.

"The sperm then meets with the egg in the Fallopian tube..."
"Oh liddat only issit? Okay, I go home and try on my girlfriend! Hmmm. How to start? Nevermind, I'll go watch some porn!"

Yes, teenagers get curious. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THERE SHOULD BE SEX EDUCATION! Why should they learn everything from pornography? It's completely unrealistic and it doesn't inform them about the risks that sexually active people constantly run! Scare the shit out of the buggers by telling them about STDS, unplanned pregnancies and their detrimental effects. Then sit back and see if that horny kid STILL tries to do funny stuff with his girlfriend.

I bet he'd be so scared, porn will look like a horror movie.


Now, THAT's effective sex education! Listen and learn, Lok. Geez. Umur sudah tua tapi otak masih kurang matang.

And proof that I'm right: 

"Training and education director Nooreen Preusser said parents should start teaching their child about sex from the pre-school level, starting from the various body parts before moving on to age-appropriate information.
Nooreen, who is with P.S. The Children, said Finland, which conducts sex education at pre-school level, had the least number of unwanted pregnancies" 

Ha. In your face, ignorant teachers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"You're 10! Here's a husband for you, Happy Birthday"

I was getting my (first!) pedi done at Nail Affairs in USJ16 , doing my best 'lady of leisure' impersonation by doing the whole 'luxuriating in the massage chair with a lady scrubbing my feet and legs with a peach-scented scrub while I flip through a magazine' thing, when I came across an article on child brides and realised anew that


Shocking right? Luckily I didn't accidentally kick the lady in her face!

This is absolutely horrific. I mean, I always KNEW it happened, but it was always there at the back of things.. Kind of in like a 'oh yeah, there are druggies out there........ eh, what's for dinner? I'm starving!!' sort of way. But instead of druggies, child brides.

"Who is this uncle??"

Does that picture look wrong to you? I bet it's the guy with the beard and the kid who looks like she's still struggling with fractions in school.
It's an abomination that little girls who should be running around and getting into trouble and crushing on Justin Bieber (who should be worried about being a child bride if he were to live in the Middle East)

are being basically raped everyday by their husbands (and I've heard that Middle Easterners have BIG you-know-whats). The horror stories are too many to recount. Sometimes we again realise that for all the women who have advanced in society due to increasing gender equality, there are equal numbers of women who are still oppressed and tortured daily by their society. Equality hasn't even any space to breathe there, let alone flourish and grow.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

22 Years Ago...

  • Howard Stern's Pay-Per-Vew 'Negligee and Underpants' show was aired
  • Benazir Bhutto became the first female to lead an Islamic nation
  • That 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' song made depressed people want to jump off something really tall
That's right folks, it's my birthday! *cue confetti and fireworks*

As per my custom, I've had a couple of celebrations, and will have one tonight with my family, followed by dins with the girls in Penang! Yesterday was my day with LB and I had a totally awesome time.. especially at night (NOT THAT WAY, PERVS)! We spent the whole day just chilling out (yes, I'm very boring), and at night we headed to Desa Parkcity for dinner and a romantic stroll through the park a.k.a major camwhoring opportunities, as you will see in a bit!

Here is further proof that May Lee and Adam have never even heard of the term 'camera shy'!

Okay let's go in chronological order:

First, we went for dinner at La Casa, an Italian place in Desa Parkcity's Waterfront, their community mall. We sat in the smoking area, facing the park, because it was breezy and cool plus the view was really quite nice!

The view of the restaurant's interior from where we were seated

Posing while waiting for the food.We were absolutely starving, and taking pics reduces the hunger pangs (for camwhores only, non-camwhores may not experience this)!

After what felt like an eternity (in reality it was maybe about 15 minutes), the food arrived! We did not fall on them like a pack of starving wolves *lies blatantly* 
Carbonara for LB (RM 19 I think) because he never really eats any other sort of pasta.

Him being such a carbonara aficionado, he really knows his stuff. So when he said that this one is fabulous, I really had to steal some! And damn straight, it's fabulous! The sauce is a delightful blend of cream and hints of mushroom, and the important thing is that it never becomes jelak! It just stays delicious until that last strand of fettucine. Throw in turkey ham and mushrooms, and you have a (slightly petite) winner! Yes folks, like so many other good things, this one comes in a slightly undersized package. Perfect if you're not a big eater, too damn small if you're starving and ready to eat the table!

*SLURRRPP* La Casa, you have one happy diner here

And here's mine!
Beef lasagna (RM 21), is of a perfectly normal size, and is pretty good as well! Not as 'WHOA, DAMN NICE!!!' as the carbonara, but delicious albeit in an ordinary manner.

Yummm cheesy tomato-ey beef-y goodness =D

The 'Just Had Good Food' smiles.

Stomachs satisfied, the gorgeous park (and more picture-taking opportunities) beckoned tentalisingly.

 Pretty, no? A little slice of God-created, man-designed heaven. Mmm.

Okay, enough about nature.
What about the birthday girl, right??
No worries, the birthday girl will never suffer from under-exposure.
Neither would the birthday girl's boyfriend! Teehee.

By and by, we encountered an empty bench (the rest were occupied, mostly by couples. Yup. You know, I know, we ALL know why they're there hogging benches)

May Lee and Adam also occupied a bench!
 Recording our activities. Teehee. We're very boring.

 *snuggleee* KA-CHIAK! BTW, I look crap in all the photos because I'm not wearing enough makeuppp *sobs*

Cheh, shouldn't it be the BIRTHDAY GIRL getting a kiss?

Nevermind, you're forgiven because when we got home, I was surprised with

I just went upstairs for a minute, and then I came down to see my beloved lighting up candles. <3

I made my wish,
 Yes, damn ugleh. Oh well.

and blew the candles out! Then we rearranged the candles to make
a heart!

I could wax rhapsodic about how our love will illuminate the darkness, but I don't have to. I won't bore you with long descriptions of my boyfriend's awesomeness, suffice it to say that HE IS THE AWESOME.

And when I thought the surprises were over, I got 

"Ooooo.. pirate's chest ar? Mana wrapping paper?"
"Just open it"
"Yes, boss"

*Angel chorus*


From left to right: Bag, Eiffel Tower, kissing couple, doggy, 'made with love' tag, butterfly, mini cooper, and heart.

Each of them have a significance! The pink charms (bag, dog, car) are things I want and he owes me (woohoo!), the Eiffel Tower is a reference to my obsession with all things French, the kissing couple is a reference to my neighbour (if you believed me, I will laugh at you), made with love tag is, well, a reference to how the bracelet was made with love *cue the AWWWs*, butterfly is a secret.

Okay, fine, I'll tell you.

I'm scared of butterflies. =(

Actually, I'm scared of anything that flies. DON'T LAUGH AT ME, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.

Oh, and the website he got the charm bracelet from can be found HERE.

I'm going to enjoy being 22, you have yourselves a good day too okay! =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sibling Mine

We had a little cake-cutting thing for my brother - nothing large scale because it was a weekday. And because it was a weekday, this is what he was doing while we were being all excited:

Sigh. Chinese school. Need I say more?

Nevertheless, we were excited! So we decided to take a pic of his present haul - all from his female fan- *cough* I mean, FRIENDS.

"Wait ar....... Let me arrange nicely firstttt"

"Aiyo Daddy! No need la!"


"...Oh..kay, OCD Dad."

The result:

Okay, okay.. Daddy, you is done goods job.

The birthday feast: GREEN TEA CAKE AND GREEN TEA!

Talk about matching food to drink. Red wine and red meat? White wine and poultry? Pfft. GREEN TEA and GREEN TEA CAKE for the win!

"So what if you're doing homework? I want to take a picture with you!"

"Hey look! I'm twelve and it's my birthday!"

"Are you taking my picture? Can't you see I'm busy??"

"Okay, okay, fiine.. I'll take a picture with you. JUST ONE!"


As you can see, by that time he had already given up on any further attempts to do homework. THAT'S RIGHT, bow to familial pressure! muahaHAHAHA.

Us with my Akor (dad's sister). Birthday Boy's glazed smile hints at a pathetic tale - one in which he was forced against his will to repeatedly smile for pictures. Poor little tyke.


Okay fine, take a pic of me instead!

No, I'm not taking a crap. This is my 'taking photos of people across the dining table' stance. My dad wanted to catch me in action, but since he had to actually relieve me of the camera in order to take my pic, I had time to NOT look like I was answering the call of nature on the wrong seat.

Camwhore shot!
Damn, this photog is good.

Oh, the song-singing and cake-cutting part is in a video that refuses to be edited (ask Procrastination, my favourite frenemy, why). So, this post ends here. Anyway, you don't want to hear me bellowing 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU' at top volume, do you?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


are yummyyyy!

No, I'm not talking about 

THIS kind of nerd.

I'm talking about

THIS sort!

NO, NOT ME! The little boxes beside my head!

Wonka Nerds, to be exact. I see them on sale only sporadically (or maybe I don't go grocery shopping often enough *shamefaced*), so when I saw them today in Jaya Grocer (YES, EMPIRE AGAIN, I can't help it if I love that place!), I totally bought two packets. One for me, one for my little brother. See, I'm so nice. Anyway, it's his birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAI LOU! I'M REALLY GLAD (MOST OF THE TIME) THAT YOU WERE BORN 12 YEARS AGO! <3 <3 <3

Okay, enough about him. On with the Nerds!


Nerds are little candies - "They look like dog food", as quoted by Aaron - that are sourish-sweetish AND OH-SO-GOOD. As you can see from the box, they come in two flavours per box:

TAA-DAAAH! Sorry ar, picture a bit blur. 
Anyway, this is strawberry and grape-flavoured, and you can eat them together, or separately. They taste good together, though! So try them that way!

I wanted to eat them, but I decided to camwhore first. Such is my dedication to my craft.

Don't ask what my craft is. I just put that part in there to seem more awesome.

At only RM4.90 per box, it's really quite affordable and different from the usual stuff you find on the shelves next to the cashier. By the way, I really think they arrange it that way so you get tempted to buy sweets while waiting in line. Quite pandai huh. Crap, I totally got sucked into the consumer trap.

Oh well. The trap is yummy! Keep importing Nerds, and you'll have a happy May Lee leaping into the trap.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Happens When May Lee and Family

Are set loose in a toy store.

Venue: Toys 'R' Us

That's an army helmet, by the way. The rest of the gear is inside the box!


Oh wait, it's just my dad. The only thing iron about him is his tummy.

"Aiyo Daddy, Iron Man where got do liddat one? Where got gun action?"

"Let me show you how it's done!"

May Lee's Iron Man pose = fail.

At the time of the photoshoot, my mother was off somewhere else, no doubt wondering how she managed to marry and produce such retards.

BTW, my dad and brother are holding the masks to their face. Only May Lee was brilliant enough to discover the elastic BEHIND the mask that - get this! - HOLDS THE MASK TO YOUR HEAD.