Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sugar Makes All Things Good.

God, the wonky internet in UKM is driving me up the wall!

Between the play that my class will be doing for our Performance Studies course and my thesis, I feel like I'm being run ragged. 

Oooh, speaking of the play! I'm super excited, the script was taken off the internet but so heavily modified that practically the only thing that remains of the original are the names of the two lead characters. The copyright had expired anyway, so I don't think I broke any rules. Jeann, Pei Vin and I made so many changes, it's almost a whole new piece of work! Incidentally, am also the lead character. Which sounds super unfair, but we all have to be both cast AND crew. So we had to audition (it was 10% of our final grade!), and I was actually angling for the antagonist - I gave her extra lines and everything cos I wanted that part! - but as I was rehearsing, my mother came up to me and said very bluntly "Ah Ger, if you go for that part, you're not going to get it."

So I switched.

My mum was right, as usual.

I am now the lead character of a frickin musical. And I can't even really sing, holy hell! But it's a LOT of fun to act. I won't say I'm very good at it tho, and I definitely need to work on memorising the lines that I enthusiastically wrote a few weeks ago, thinking "HAHA kesian the person who gets the part of Karla, so many lines!". 

Karma, ass, bites. Make sentence.

Life has been a series of ups and downs: ups being acting, a certain whale, awesome food, good friends and awesome lecturers. Downs would include my thesis. And the saying 'who needs enemies when I have friends like you'? Yeah. I've met people who have convinced me that I don't really need to expand my enemy collection anytime soon. I've filed them under the 'downs' label. 


Am not going to let the downs get me down. 
Made a (pretty lame) funny.

Anyway. Life goes on, no? The positives vastly outnumber the negatives, anyway. Life is good.
 Oh, I cut my hair again!I figured "what the heck lah, hair grows back anyway! Carpe diem!", hopped into the chair and told the lady "BANGS, AND THIS SHORT", and let her do her thing. I quite like it! I think it symbolises the risks one has to take in life (chewah! Sesungguhnya pelajar sastera!).

And MMM. 
Cuppacakes make life sparkly when things start to get a little grimy.

I love sugar.

Monday, February 21, 2011

No Cows HERE

 When I think 'Bangi', I always think 'small, dingy coffeeshops, nasi goreng USA' etc. BUT, I have to admit that I am a terrible person who overgeneralises things. Because hello, Little White Cafe is situated smack in the middle of Bangi! The exterior looks so quaintly chic (or is it chicly quaint?), it looks like it'd fit in with other upmarket eateries in, say, Bangsar.

 The awesomeness continues indoors! Absolutely pretty, with a combination of ye olde English charm and contemporary zing in the form of a wall of really gorgeous photos. Sorry I didn't take a picture of said wall, I was too busy alternating between stuffing my face, and looking around in wonder like a total jakun. Oh, and posing for pictures *shamefaced*

 One of their most popular items is the English tea that's about 50-odd bucks for two people. Mmmm. English tea in Bangi. The mind boggles. With a pot of tea, in this case, chamomile. Would I have ever guessed that there is chamomile tea being served in sweet floral teapots in Bangi? Nope. That being said, I'm not being snobby in being so surprised. After all, there are cows wandering the roads not too far away from my uni. But back to the Little White Cafe!

 I like cream. I like pastry things. I like strawberries. And sugar. Looking at this picture makes me want to lick my screen!

 I also decided to choose something I've never, ever tried before - the Sausage Egg Bake. It's really interesting: it's bits of sausage, chunks of potatoes and some cheese, all embedded in egg, sort of like a casserole. Topped with cream and some chopped tomatoes to give it a bit of a zing. Yummy! Looks a bit.. yellow, but it's something different.

 And oh holy God the Red Velvet cake. I've had awesome Red Velvet, starting with Whisk's version, which has a stronger flavour for the cake, and sweeter cream cheese. This one is subtler all round, but just as delicious! The cream cheese icing is just.. God. Not too sweet, you can taste the cheese and scrape every last smear of it off the plate without being overpowered by sweetness. It's 1.10 in the morning right now, and I'm not doing myself any favours by staring at the cake. It's masochism, that's what it is.

Chrissy being lady of the manor. What did I tell you about the teapot?

Bangi, I forgive you the cows. And the monkeys. And the crazy drivers. Just make sure more nice food places open up! 

Sincerely, May Lee.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Escaping the Pressure Cooker, Letting Off Some Steam!

How does that song go? "Girls just wanna have fun"? 

Damn straight.

 My friends and I seem to be food-crazy but I swear it's not deliberate. We just end up in yummy places!

 Yummyy. Like serious. Sorry, I have no idea what the shop is named, I just know it's somewhere in ss2! Corner shop. Go forth and search! I wasn't a big fan of their wu kok tho.

 We also do.... sports..?
And true to sports failure form, I score 6 consecutive longkangs.
I've actually gone for bowling lessons, to my utter shame. Chris Tan, who's so slim she looks like lifting a bowling ball would snap her in half, is really good! Life Lesson: Skinny people CAN lift heavy balls.

Oh, we finally ate at Brotzeit! I've been hearing about it but never actually knew WHERE in Midvalley it's located (same row as Chilli's and the police station, if you're just as blur as I was). Brotzeit is.. phwoar. A little on the pricey side for impoverished students such as I, but GOD, SO WORTH IT.

 Mango beer! Sounds strange but tastes really good! Like fizzy mango juice with the bitter tang of beer. I think I'll ask for more mango and less beer next time, though. I turn embarrassingly red when I drink. Is there any way to suppress the redness? I literally look like I dunked my whole face into a big tub of blusher!


For food, we tried the chicken breast. I'm not usually a fan of chicken breast, because it can be dry and rather tasteless, but omg this one was awesome! It totally helped that it came topped with huge pats of herbed butter, and was nestled on huge beds of mashed potato. The salad it came with was not, as you can see, some pathetic leaves on the side of the plate. Hell, no. This salad was practically the main dish. I love my veggies so I dove into the green goodness like a starving wolf. It doesn't LOOK like a lot of food, but it's actually very filling! Two girls with medium appetites can share, I think. The three of us shared and we were pretty satisfied when we were done!

Which was a bad, BAD thing because we also ordered the pork knuckles!
 Ok, this one I remember the price. 85 bucks, but it's designated for two people, according to Brotzeit. Which means that it can feed 3, maybe 4 Malaysian girls. There were three of us, but we were already quite full from the chicken! It comes with potato salad, sauerkraut and pickles, and is REALLY REALLY REALLY awesome. But we were stuffed to the eyeballs so we had to tapao it and take it with us for dinner. It was all we had for dinner, and even then we struggled to finish everything! So, if you're going with a bunch of girls, don't order individual portions unless you have German-sized appetites. (I assume that's the average amount of food German people eat. If I'm correct I salute you, Deutsch menschen.)

Oh, and Spoon! Yum. Uh, the three of us shared one which testifies to our insatiable need to EAT stuff even though we're full. Was yummy! But a bit exp. And it could do with more fruit toppings! I like how the counter changes colour, though.

After all the mad shopping and eating and shopping and clubbing, though, we return to the pressure cooker to be good girls and work on our respective thesis-es (what's the plural for thesis? theses?). Which is obviously what I'll be doing right after this blog post.

Yup. That's what I'll do.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hooking a Hooker: Accomplishment?

Happy Chinese New Year!


Time passes by so fast, it's almost like whatever we experience in life is not Life itself, but the breeze that you feel after Life zooms past.

Haven't been blogging much, I guess I haven't had much to talk about. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm on the outside looking in, wondering what it's like to do all the things other people do. Not that I actually have the time to DO stuff, what with a script to complete and a thesis to START, fml. Any time that I spend lying in bed sleeping like a pig in the middle of the afternoon is totally stolen and guilted over when I return to consciousness five hours later *scuffs toe*

Oooh, random topic: Why do men look upon having mistresses as status symbols? I was recently introduced to the forum, and I stumbled upon a thread where a guy was asking for advice. His problem? He was seriously considering marrying a Chinese hooker and making her his 'xiao lao po' or second wife. At one point, he actually said (and I quote) that it'd be "quite an achievement for me to have a 'xiao lao po' before even i get married". He DID say it was his ego speaking, but that just begs the question "Why is it an achievement at all?"

Does it mean that it's an achievement to buy a hooker for personal use?

Or.. that he earns enough money to maintain another woman? He's in a steady relationship, btw.

He was seriously considering marrying her in China, and then bringing her back here to Malaysia and keeping her a secret from his family and future wife (he's planning on marrying his current steady girlfriend). I can see SO many problems with that scenario, but nevermind. He has since changed his mind and has discarded the idea. But still! My question still stands: Besides having a hot woman to do the funky monkey with whenever you want, what's so awesome about having a mistress?