Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Men Should Just Have Dogs, Not Wives and Children


Making one's wife and children run around flats 40 times in the middle of the afternoon is criminal.
The wife said that she is willing to be punished.. apparently she stole something, and the children were quite delinquent. But still! THAT IS NO EXCUSE!
I'm sorry, I start to rage when I read about gross injustices to people.

Even if said people are too passive to do anything about it themselves. 

I mean, call me idealistic, but is it too much to want men to treat their OWN FAMILIES with love and respect?
I know I know, life is never that simple, human emotions are complex and confusing, some women (and even men) are slightly masochistic, they'd rather dance with the devil they know than the devil they don't.
But honestly, people, we all only live once.
When you're 85, do you want to look back on your lifetime and think
"Why did I stay?"
"Why didn't I do what I wanted to?"
"Why didn't I stay with that job?"
"Why did I take that job?"
"Why didn't I go on that holiday?"
the list can stretch on and on.. 
The bottom line is: why live a life you'd regret?
After all, being a martyr doesn't do anything for YOU.
Why be content to let yourself be mistreated?
I'm not saying go crazy and chop up people who piss you off, or do drugs, or rob a bank.
I'm saying grow balls and take a deep breath before taking the plunge. I, of all people, should know about being scared. I was the kid who was so scared of water that during my swimming classes, I'd hover at the back of the line and let everybody go ahead of me so they can take turns jumping into the water. I picked standing at the back, all goose-pimples and chattering teeth, over taking the plunge and splashing around with the other kids.
I was the kid who cried buckets when my parents were late picking me up from school because I was scared of being abandoned.
I was the teenager who turned a blind eye to the things my boyfriend did, because I was worried I'd end up alone.
So I know about being scared, and even about preferring to stay in a bad situation because the unknown world seems so much scarier.
And actually, the hardest thing about a new situation is deciding whether or not to enter that situation! Once you just jump in, you realise that it's not as bad as you thought it'd be.

So ladies, take that damn leap. Stop making me blog rage whenever I read the papers.
And asshole men (not all men are dumbfucks, some are super awesome), karma will bite you in the ass one day. Just saying!

*deafening silence about the photography competition*

oh, happy birthday post after this! Just give me a chance to think Zen thoughts and get some pics emailed to me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Frozen Fingers and Photography: 1 Malaysia Photo Exhibition

After a weekend of sheer panic and frantic running around trying to snap 1Malaysia photos, I am DONE!
Today was the launch of the photography exhibition/competition in conjunction with the 4th International Malaysian Educational Technology Convention, and it was awesome!

Uh.. excuse my crap writing, my fingers were stiff cos it was SO COLD there *malu*
It's being held at the Putra Hotel opposite the IJN til the 29th.
That's when they'll announce the winners for the competition! If you get into the top ten, you'd get an automatic A for Photography! *excited*
As you can tell, I went with the shoe picture.. and I'm glad!
Everybody else produced pictures of the Jalur Gemilang, bunga raya, smiling people of different races, and food.
There were lots of nice ones though!

My competition, bah. HOW TO WINNN *despairs*
Oh, if you're wondering about the last pic, just look in her eye. You'd see a teeny-tiny 1Malaysia logo. In this case, I don't think the use of the logo is cliche! One thing though, what's up with the purdah? It's not really synonymous with the typical Malaysian -____-

The officiator (UKM's Deputy Vice Chancellor) did comment on my picture though. But all he did was laugh and say "Kasut (shoes)?" so I don't know how to take that. Is that... good? Or is he offended I compared Malaysians to shoes?
Anyway, after that, Pei Vin and I hightailed it out of there.
My dear expensively-dressed friend squatting outside the hotel
Bit incongruous, no?
 But that's how we ROLL.
Oh, hello there! I'm May Lee and I like pretending to be a homeless person!
Title: "Waiting"
I think this fully expresses our mind-numbing boredom.

Result will be out on Wednesday! If I win, I will gush eloquently (or hysterically) and force my excitement on you guys!
If I don't, I will keep silent. Tahu-tahu lah.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

When You Think 'One Malaysia'

You would usually immediately think of
a) smiling people dressed in traditional clothes.
b) three happy people - one Malay, one Chinese and one Indian
c) the 1 Malaysia logo
So when I received the assignment for my photography class (I only joined because French AND German clashed with my major courses, fml) - to take 20 pictures under the theme '1 Malaysia', I was like "dieeeeeee!!"
Yes, I still feel like saying 'die!!' since I'm not done with my stupid assignment.
All I've taken are super lame photos of super lame things, fml fml fml fml. I mean, it'd be easy to gather some people, chuck them in costume and snap away but.. I don't want to! So I make things difficult for myself, whoopdeedoo.

Title: 1 Malaysia (Kita Semua Sama)
Wtf right. Even my title lacks pizzazz.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud, I'll Meet You In The Cinema

I love Zac Efron.
First, he's ridiculously good-looking and his physique is WHOA.
And have you watched his interviews and stuff? OMG adorable.
AND he's a fantastic actor!
Maybe for him to marry me. I already have the wedding planned out.

If you thought that all he can do is play cutesy teen boys, prepare to change your mind

The trailer for his new movie is awesome!
I am not ashamed to admit that I started tearing up around the 35-second mark.

I am SO watching this movie! In the cinema because Zac Efron's awesomeness can only be fully appreciated on the big screen.
I wanted to wax lyrical about his physical awesomeness, but I can't because it somehow feels like it detracts from his quality as an actor. So.. yeah. I'll just stop at telling you that whenever he comes onscreen, I squeal like a little girl. And the fact that guys roll their eyes at my squealing but still sit through the whole thing AND ENJOY IT while I clutch at things and drool uncontrollably is a testament to how good an actor he is!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here Is A Piece of My Soul

You've heard how each piece of work by a writer is like a piece of his soul?
Well, I'm about to post a piece of mine.
You would probably never know how long it took me to grow some balls big enough to post my whimsical piece of lomantik jiwangness here, for the world to read (and possibly mock).
So if you have to mock, please do so deeeeeeep DEEEEEEP within your heart, where my paranoia would be unable to hear.

Warning: Quite luvverly. Take that however you please =D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Other People Only Get ONE Surprise Party A Day

Chrissy got TWO!

(only the first of the day but she didn't know it muahaha)
You can't tell from the picture, but we're super hungry and only our love for camwhoring gave us what we needed to smile for the camera, only inches away from a huge pot of delicious pasta.

The guy who made it happen - Nigel!
Seriously. He made the pasta (SUUUPER YUMMY HOLY CRAP) and brought the cake!
He called me on Sunday to tell me the plan, all I had to do was bring Chrissy to her college's cafe! And tell Chris Tan and Pei Vin, of course. Is he awesome or what??
No other pics, sorry, we were starving and spent the whole time eating like famished wolves!

Later at night,
Pusingan kedua!
She thought she was going to eat ais kacang with Sasa, bless her innocent soul.
Cake (and lots of food!) courtesy of her sister, Melissa, who planned the whole thing and enlisted my help in getting ready the UKM side of the party.
From right, Arun, Melissa, Chrissy's mum and Melissa's friend (sorry I forgot!! D:)
Taken while waiting for Chrissy to arrive
Still waiting...
 And then.. SURPRISE!
Just realised my handwriting is so childish T___T
Haha I love how it looks like everybody is looking at the fish.
Sasa wanted to feed the birthday girl, and I wanted to feed myself. Fruit salad, yummy!
Sasa, David and Nana.
Nice.. uh.. pose, David.
Me, Hani and Sasa!
This is David, happily eating his cake, not knowing that
Chrissy has a PLAN.
*insert maniacal laughter*
You took it like a man, David. Proud of you.

So this concludes the tale of Chrissy's two birthday parties! Now, go off and insist that your friends plan two surprise parties for you too!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Want A Wedding NOW

Last night was a night of regret and wonder.

Regret because I had to skip Chrissy's 22nd birthday party to attend a wedding, and wonder that I have so many relatives I have never met before!
Until last night, I had never met the groom. And he's my relative!
Uh, no pics. Since I was a stranger, I didn't want to be all gelabah and leap around taking pictures of people I don't know.

As an illustration of just how unconnected we are, despite being related by blood, I CAN'T EVEN FIND HIM ON FACEBOOK. How sad is that?

Question: Is sitting in a hotel OPPOSITE Zouk, getting pleasantly buzzed on good wine on the same level of fun as grinding IN Zouk getting buzzed on whiskey?
Answer: Yup! Surprising but true. Not a big fan of getting wasted anyway, and I don't like invasions of my personal space by strangers. And I managed to meet long-lost relatives.. and they're mostly really nice to talk to! Didn't really talk to anyone under the age of 50, but still. Fun!

I was taking mental notes all through the wedding. Like, I want to give a speech too! And change dresses loads of times muahaha. And I won't have shark's fin soup. And I don't know how I would manage to have a church wedding AND the traditional Chinese-style wedding, complete with ji mui torturing the heng tai. Obviously I would want a Christian wedding, I'm  not THAT religion-challenged. But Chinese weddings are so awesome! I floated home on a cloud of romanticism and dreamy euphoria. Mmmm. Love weddings. Not necessarily enamoured with the idea of MARRIAGE, but weddings are awesome.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you could write a letter to your future self,

what would you say?
I used to keep diaries, and I sometimes glance through them and laugh at the child I used to be.
School drama, unspoken yearnings to be 'cool', and crushing on different boys each month, my diaries are full of anecdotes that bring memories down around me like a tidal wave or a big warm blanket, depending on the memory.

The Diary of May Lee, quite like the Diary of Anne Frank, but wayyyy less dramatic and un-tragic. Unless you put unrequited crushes on the same level as the Holocaust, which I sort of did. I have since learned to put things in perspective, okay!

I wrote about notable (to me) events,
complete with illustrations!
I fell in love (many times)
and emo-ed about it.
BTW, he liked me back. *shy blush*

Anyway, the point I was trying to get at is this: Your past self is the base on which your future self is built.. and sometimes it helps to bring up your past voice: it reminds you of what you set out to do, of how you used to be and shows you how far you've come.

But you don't have to have diaries.

My friend recently linked me to this site:

It's a site where you can write an email to yourself and pick a date for it to be delivered to your email address, say a year into the future or even 15 years from now. And you never know, your future self could be reminded of your principles or aspirations! You could literally change your path, in the future!

I thought it's a really awesome concept, so I sent two emails to myself. One to be sent a year from now, full of serious questions that I hope will be answered by then (and also ones like are you single, are you working, who's the president now?); and one to be sent on the 22nd of December 2012. You know, asking if the world has ended or were we conned by the Mayans. BTW, I'm planning to have a major party on the 20th, to celebrate life just in case the world goes into apocalyptic chaos on the 21st. No holds barred, crazy partying. Hopefully we'd be too stoned to notice the world ending.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day and Reasons Why I Can't Return To China

Watch this heart-warming Malaysia Day ad by Digi!
I know, I know, the more cynical will scoff at how PR stunts will OBVIOUSLY appeal to the emotions, and that there are so many unresolved issues in the country, issues that an ad cannot possibly tackle or resolve.
And yes, that is true, but what I love about this ad is how everybody has different ways of looking at one thing. And that's how we are! Every racial group or political group or mamak stall group will have an opinion. Why can't all opinions be heard, and the best one be used to better the country we all live in? I mean, power struggles are all well and good, but if your power struggle screws up the whole country in the process, then whether or not you win the scuffle, you're still a loser. Because you'd be in charge of a sinking ship.

It's really about time we all use our differences to give us an advantage over other people!

I mean, if all the so-called 'immigrants' had to hoof it back to their ancestral lands, this country will become like most other countries.. BORING. Pfft. Just one race? Just one culture? No variety to spice life up? Ergh.
And while I'm on this note, there are some things I want to say to those who say 'balik negara asal'.
1. I was born here, assholes.
2. If you put me on a plane to China, I would eventually make a big circle and end up back here. Negara asal ma. This is it la.
3. Also, can't speak Chinese. So, I would probably fall over and die, not knowing how to say "Shelter, for the love of God, give me shelter!"
4. Where would I get my rendang or banana leaf rice if I was in China? DENYING ME MY FOOD IS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, OKAY.
5. Most of my friends will be super far away cos they don't have ancestors from China like me. T____T
6. And, obviously, Malaysia will be a darker, sadder place if May Lee left to live in some icy corner of China, near the factories where they produce poisonous things that kill people wtf.

So yeah. I think we all agree that this whole negara asal thing sucks major balls?


Happy Malaysia Day (a day in advance)!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sex: It's Not The Main Problem

My stand that Malaysia is woefully under-equipped to deal with the sexuality of its young adults is, I think, well documented on this blog.
Baby-dumping is just an effect of the rampant ignorance that has a stranglehold on Malaysians, and I have always shaken my head and tut-tutted at the lack of sex education due to the narrow-mindedness of the people in charge. I say that educating young people who have access to information but no knowledge as to how to use said information properly is vital, as the information they get could be incomplete or even erroneous. But many leaders choose to blame things like 'curiosity' and 'porn'.
I think it's not ALL their faults; they are, after all, OLD. And old people tend to be more kolot.
Combine kolotness and general ostrich-in-sand behaviour and you get, well, lots of people bonking left right centre thinking syphillis is a new brand or something and that pregnancies only occur after you have had the big wedding.

Nevermind that for now.

I recently saw an awesome ad on this blog, and like all other ads, it will disappear at whim (bah). So being smart, I kept the link for you, my dear readers! =D

This site is called 'Yes I Can' and is targeted at preventing unplanned pregnancies. Not the complete guide to safe sex, but somewhat informative. What I like most about the site is that it doesn't sermonise about how sex is bad and should only happen within the bonds of marriage. I mean, it's all fine and good to have certain principles regarding pre-marital sex, but it's better to recognise that more and more people are doing it now, and it is imperative that they do it knowledgeably! This site talks about sex frankly and advises people to speak to their doctors if they have questions regarding sex. This is awesome, because when people are super shy, they end up asking their friends. And frankly, how much do friends know? Asking friends is fertile ground for misconceptions and myths to blossom.

"Eh eh how do people get pregnant ar?"
"Eh you so bodoh, like that also dunno?"
"Tell me la! Asking you now right"
"Haiya very easy la.. you just do IT after you married la. Then after that pregnant one."
"SERIOUS? Then before married?"
"Won't one la! Confirm!"

This is what I was told sometime in Form 1. I believed that friend; imagine my shock when my mum sat me down to talk about the birds and the bees!

"HAAAAHHH??? Before married also can get pregnant???"

Conclusion: Yes I Can is a very positive beginning for what I hope would end up with a more open Malaysia, with much less ignorance-caused sexual problems.
If you're planning to do it, PLEASE learn the basics before doing anything. And by basics, I don't mean styles. I mean basic prevention methods, the common STDs, and hygiene. If you can't even begin to fathom what I'm talking about, then YOU are at risk. So do yourself a favour.

Comic-induced Stress


Humour aside, I am now (unpleasantly) reminded of the fact that I need to make some headway on my damn thesis. Gahhh.

I just KNOW imma end up like the green guy. TT______TT

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why I Love The Internet

Ads like this will NEVER appear in Malaysia.

Look at the ahem-level broken glass!
And the model is.. well.. =)

And some wonder why I am addicted to the Internet.

More reason to love the internet, hallelujah!
On Monday, I dropped LoverBoy's phone into the toilet (don't ask HOW it fell in or how I retrieved it, some traumatizing incidents are better left hazy). In a wild panic, I did what I do when I need help: I Googled it. And praise the good Lord, Google never lets me down.
'dropped phone in toilet' recovered a lot of hits that totally saved my life!
So, here are some tips for you, in case you ever face the same situation I did (and let's hope you don't).
  1. Remove the battery IMMEDIATELY.
  2. If you have dropped your phone in something that isn't pure water, rinse it off - it's already wet so further washing will do it more good than harm. Don't wash your battery, though.
  3. DO NOT TURN IT ON! Turning it on will most likely result in short-circuiting, and will finish off your phone completely.
  4. Disassemble it as best you can, and dry it under the fan or in an air-conditioned environment for at least 72 hours. Packing it in rice and/or quickly dunking it in 95% alcohol will quicken the drying process. The alcohol will help evaporate moisture inside the circuitry and the like. Obviously, you don't SOAK your phone in the alcohol.
  5. Resist the urge to turn it on and check. Remember the possibility of short-circuiting.
  6. After 72 hours, you can put the battery in and test it. However, the phone not working may not mean your phone is dead, it could just mean your battery is. Try it with another battery to double-check.
I just checked it after the 72 hours, and LoverBoy's phone SURVIVED! It has survived the ordeal intact except for a couple of wonky keys. And after being dunked where no phone wants to go! Conclusion: Nokias are awesome and Sony Ericssons (my phone is a SE, and has made more trips to the phone hospital - without toilet dunking! - than the Nokia has with a major water mishap under its belt!) suck balls.

I shall name thee Lazarus.

I would've just given it up for dead if it wasn't for the glorious Internet and the knowledge it contains.
Bless you, Internet <3

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burnt Marshmallows, Floured Cars, and BBQ Set Parts In the Longkang: A BBQ, 6 Damai Style

First up, thank you so much for all the kind words and wishes, my mum and I really appreciate it! After writing the blog post, I went with my mum to the doctor to collect the test results. As it turns out, she took three tests: one came back positive, one negative and one more has yet to come back. 

So there is a chance that it's not ACTUALLY cancer, if I understand it correctly.


The final test result will be out sometime next week, so til then we are totally chilled out. Waiting is a bit of a bitch though.

Anyway, I said I was going to go to a barbeque and celebrate life!
Life is all about learning, right?
And I learned a few things that night:
1. Trying to rip apart strips of streaky bacon that have frozen and are stuck together = holey streaky bacon
2. Holding a marshmallow too close to the flame = fireball on the end of my stick! OMGWTFBBQ(heehee)
3. 'Decorating' one's friend's car with flour AFTER it has rained and the car is wet is NOT a good idea. Dried flour paste is mothereffingly hard to get off T____T
4. Lanterns catch fire o.O

Pictures? As if you had to ask.

The food! Marshmallows not in the picture, dangit And also, no picture of marshmallow fireball, cos I ate it right after putting out the fire *guilty*
Uh. Allow me to explain the modified lanterns. The plates were meant to keep the light drizzle out of my lantern, therefore saving it from getting wet and dying on me. And the weird things in the middle of the plates are actually fishballs. To, you know, stop the lantern from sliding off the stick. All ideas not my own, credit goes to Sharon, the owner of the head perched on my shoulder! One of the lanterns is hers, which is why I'm holding two =D
Why you shouldn't celebrate birthdays with us. Not only do you get floured,
so does your ride!
Look at us having fun here. Little did we know it'd be such a bitch to get off!
No, there isn't a weird white creature behind Mun Yee the birthday girl. It's her personal Flour Cloud (TM)!
Refer to Lesson 4.
"Only I burnt my lantern! Don't jellis plz."
 The host attempting to clean up our mess. Ooops. Sorry, Ryui Bynn.
Our host and the missus cleaning up our mess. But hey! Don't think I was useless okay! I was at the back, cleaning too! Cos I uh... well, I made extra mess at the back. *shamefaced*
Paying penance.
The BBQ aftermath.
Oh, and Lesson 5:
Don't forget the inside of the BBQ thingamabob. It can fall out.
And then you'd have to go into the bowels of the earth to take it out.
And if you think the work stops there, it does NOT.
Yes, I always look like this when I mop floors.
Look at this creation! Made with my own fair hands.
I can't bake to save my life.
My friends made it! Homemade, fml. I need to up my game, man.
And it tasted AWESOME! Now, to con my friends into thinking my birthday is coming again.
Happy birthday!
We aren't totally mean, okay. The floured woman got to take a shower and all. AND we cleaned her car!
Part of our Form 6 gang, plus a few extra people who are honorary members of our elite group.
It's been 3 years since our days of gambling in class and hiding handphones in our bras, but the bonds of friendship have only gotten stronger with time. Luv yu guyz *wobbly lip*