Thursday, April 7, 2011

But Momma, I Want Another Round!

I felt like I was climbing a damn mountain. But not as a human, more like a pack mule. Struggling upwards towards a goal that was somewhere waaaay up there, obscured by mist and fog; being whipped along by a taskmaster; laden with responsibility. And then I reached the top, and suddenly not only was I NOT a pack mule, I was a super-fucking-star and the rising sun was serving as my spotlight.

THAT'S how it's like to be in a play.

In a way I guess it's like sex: you work damn hard, you put your back into it and you use your creativity, and then you get a moment of pure bliss. And then it's over, and then you bask in the afterglow. And THEN you talk about it incessantly (if you're a noob). And you can't wait to do it again.

Pics of the production to come when I get them from the media people!

 Look Ma, Teamwork!

Let me tell you, pictures can be deceiving. Also, pictures aren't always worth a thousand words. There were so many battles before the damn play started, UN would've admitted defeat.
I've come to realise I like that fucking spotlight. The attention-whore in me squeals with unholy glee when I'm under the hot glare of a spotlight and everybody's attention is focused on meeee.

Not that I'm in that picture. But still.

See, look at me drawing attention to myself when I'm not even in the damn picture.

That's Pei Vin and Leli.

Bad May Lee. BAD.



Liz said...

Ahaha. You really ARE an attention-seeker aren't you??? xD

May Lee said...

=( only positive attention, tqvm

k0k s3n w4i said...

it's a given. anyone who owns a publicly-accessible blog is an attention whore. this is just another symptom of the underlying pathology :P

no video of the play?

Kendra Bing said...
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May Lee said...

well, pfft. attention is a basic human need! =D

got! but i haven't gotten it yet. how DARE they deprive meee T__T

Kim said...