Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Convocated!

How could I let the entire month of September pass me by so fast? It's almost as if I've been in some sort of dreamlike alternate reality, where time stretches for ages between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm, and then zooms by too fast for me to make use of the rest of the day. I have been spending a huge quantity of time with Mingasaurus, more than ever before (he's bloody well addictive, what can I say), and of course I'm working like the responsible adult I am (ha!) which, while sapping slightly less energy now that I'm more used to this whole working shebang, still saps too much for me to even form coherent sentences after I get home from work.

Oh, and you may now refer to me as Responsible Working GRADUATE. That's right, I'm bloody well a graduate of the National University of Malaysia!

Me, the brother, mum, akor.

Akor is not a very good photog HAHA. Still! It's a nice picture.

Green, green, green, green.... oh, look there's a human!
 I told everybody that my robe makes me blend into the background. With a flowery sarong to boot. Nobody believed me. Honestly now, CAN YOU EVEN SEE ME?
I don't even really recall what I was saying when this picture was taken. My father, the paparazzo.
 One of the rare candid shots that have passed my careful vetting. Not because I look good, but heck, good memories have to be shared right?

Me and sunsilk model.

We made it! 3 years of group work, the occasional spat (pfft no point whitewashing everything right?), of tears and frustration and weirdo lunchtime conversations (we talked about penises, I kid you not), of meeting up at 3 am in the morning to study. 3 years of icy-cold showers, monkeys, sweltering walks to class, freezing classrooms, weirdo lecturers, AWESOME lecturers, dodgy UKM security guards, monotonous cafeteria food, random escapes into civilization for Starbucks and massages, manicures and makeovers in class, and most of all, 3 years of friendship.

David made us supper on one of our late-night thesis sessions at his place. =)

My mother cried at my convo...... Right until she fell asleep from boredom.

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Squinty boyfriend. <3 Poor boyfriend had to wait outside for an hour cos my session went on for WAY TOO LONG.

Have I mentioned that I bribed my brother into coming for my convo?

Out of UKM and back into civilization at last!

I guess a convocation is just a pumped-up, over-glorified affair signifying what is essentially the full-stop of my undergraduate experience. What really matters is, of course, what I got from the three years I spent in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia... and the piece of paper that is supposed to be my passport to life. But I'm still damn glad I got the opportunity to put on a ginormous green robe and prance across a huge stage and have my name announced because, heck, IT WAS BLOODY FUN! And I like feeling spesyel ^__^


Liz said...

Congrats again, hon! :D

Too bad didn't get to meet your parents and bro that day! :(

Anyway, take good care of yourself. I miss you :'( And regards to your fam :D Ooh, and Ming too! :P

May Lee said...

aww its ok sweetie! you can meet them some other day! =DD

i miss you tooo =( we must must meet up soon ok!

May Lee said...

aww its ok sweetie! you can meet them some other day! =DD

i miss you tooo =( we must must meet up soon ok!