Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why girls hate each other

Look at me! Posting again after only a few days, WOW!

Aaanyway. Watched this awesome Jenna Marbles video that I think all girls should watch. If you don't already know, Jenna is this super funny, straight-talking, comedic genius who talks about issues, life, and what girls do in the bathroom amongst other things. Swears a lot, so if you can't take that.... well... JUST WATCH HER ANYWAY! It's worth it. This particular video is about why girls hate each other. Ready??



Liz said...

You follow Jenna Marbles too? xD At first, her very "colourful" language was a bit of a turn-off. But I think I'm used to it now! (Which is....not exactly a good thing) And she IS funny! What I like about her is not only wit, but that she makes a LOT of sense. She's damn smart man, don't look down blondes (IF it's her natural hair colour xD)! This was cool! :D

k0k s3n w4i said...

My ex was practically a misogynist.

I suppose it is kind of true. Girls do tend to hate those that they perceive as more popular, thinner or have better boyfriends compared to them - while guys rarely react that way to other guys. I don't think being brought up in a competitive environment caused it because after all, boys grew up the same way.

May Lee said...

sasa - i want to be jenna when i grow up!

sen wai - i honestly have no clue why, but girls really do seem to harbour an instinctive dislike towards other girls who seem to be doing well. it could be a girl thing... maybe we're more passive-aggressive? boys tend to be more chilled, right?