Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hi, May! Let's start you off with an emo post!

In lieu of a blog post, allow me to share with you the facebook note I posted last night. 

Today, it finally hit me that I'm done. Done with assignments, with lectures and tutorials, with cafe food, with dorm rooms, with skirting around monkeys to get to my room, with random late nights out singing in the car with Hani Bunny. There would be no more 4 a.m McD's with my Christinas, no more KTM trips to Midvalley with Sasa and Nana. No more getting yelled at in the PK by grumpy nurses, no more pleading for deadline extensions (remember those, Dr Shan?). Today, I finally sat down amongst the luggage I brought home from UKM and looked at the detritus of the life that I will never live again. Is it any surprise I started bawling?

I guess not.

This is my, well, goodbye of sorts to UKM and my three years there. If this was a movie, there'd be a collection of pictures accompanied by sad violin music. Alas, this is a Facebook note. No violins. Allow me instead to share with you a few memories.

I still remember waking up at 6 in the morning on the very first day, knots of fear and anticipation in my tummy. I was actually LEAVING HOME to go to UNIVERSITY (important points are in caps, dear reader). After a breakfast that refused to settle properly because it had to jostle for space - the butterflies were really adamant about having enough room, you see - we set off for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with Alex in tow because he was a super awesome supportive boyfriend. Upon reaching, my first thought was "HOLY HELL THAT'S A LOT OF TREES". You see, coming from Subang where the flyovers outnumber the greenery, I was terribly uncomfortable being surrounded by such an abundance of non-concrete things.

And then I checked into my room. Pay attention, friends, this is where Azhani Azman comes in. So, this is what happened: Alex and I walked in. And stared. Discoloured walls, discoloured mattress, cement floor. Parents came in. Stared.

Mum: Be right back, we're going to buy you a new mattress!
Me: Can you buy me a new room??

Unfortunately, the second option was, uh, not an option.

The parental unit left in a mad rush to purchase for their eldest child a mattress fit for human use.

Said child and boyfriend stared at the room some more.

Alex:Where's your Dettol?

He proceeded to clean the room. I tried to help but I gotta say, housekeeping was never my strong suit. So I hindered more than I helped, and then we heard it: The blessed sound of a vacuum cleaner. We looked up like animals scenting prey. I followed the sound, Alex encouraging me with flapping hand gestures, and voila! Hani Bunny, vacuum in hand. She still calls me Pencuri Vacuum Cleaner. I suppose barging into people's rooms and saying "HELLO! Can I borrow this after you're done??" is not exactly... subtle. Or... well... normal.

And that's the first friend I made in UKM.

I've made countless others in the course of my three years there. To my Christinas, I love the two of you. Thanks for all those girly chats, all the encouragement, gossip, shopping trips, makan sessions and stressing-together times: in a word, friendship. I'll always treasure it, and you can be damn sure I'll never ever forget it. Sasa and Nana, I will miss the two of you!! You have been super good friends, I hope you can say the same of me. If you don't keep in touch, I'm going to crash your houses and live there til you guys remember me again MUAHAHA. To Hani Bunny: woman, I will always remember our indon song karaoke sessions in the room. And driving your car. And your choc cheese cupcakes. And constantly embarrassing myself in front of your mum. And what we used to do every Friday in first year! Laki pakai baju Melayu: hot yo! Too many people to mention individually, but there are so many people who have touched my life in many different ways. It may be in small ways, or larger ones, but thank you for taking part in my life and making it richer. If you feel I'm talking to you, I am. =)

Sitting here, thinking about everything that has happened between the time I stole the vacuum cleaner and right now, I'm starting to feel a bit wobbly again. Excuse me while I go sob into a UKM tshirt (all have turned into pajamas because they're so damn huge, but that's beside the point).

Things I love about UKM#1: Choir!

Things I love about UKM #2: FRIENDS!

See you guys during convo <3
Things I love about UKM #3: Lecturers!
 I've met so many wonderful people in this leg of my life journey, and I am supremely grateful for the opportunities I've had. All this awesomeness just makes the leaving more painful to do, but I guess it's bittersweet because I know that I'm not actually losing anyone, we're just.. going to be physically apart for a while. But that's all good. Cos my true friends and I will stay friends for a damn long time.


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Miss you MayMay~ <3

btw, Your blog title, I thought you were calling yourself. As in, "Hi, May (you) !!" :P haha