Friday, May 20, 2011

I Blame Procrastination And Work For This Belated Mother's Day Post!

In my family, the laughter is loud and the fights are even louder.

We slam doors, threaten to run away, threaten to throw each other out his or her ear, sulk, shout accusations, and I have distinct memories of legging it when my mum came after me brandishing a hanger (her rationale being that cane: 1 stroke = 1 line and hanger: 1stroke = 2 lines = WIN). 

In spite of it all, or maybe because of it all, we are extremely close. I have forgiven my mum the hanger and she has forgiven my (unintentional!!) destruction of many an item. Last Thursday, I scuffed her new sneakers. She still loves me. See? Forgiveness.

On Mother's Day, we took the boss out for dins at a healthy organic place cos my mum is a total health freak. We went to a place called Green Green Organic, located somewhere in Sungai Besi or something, on top of a ginormous Nichii store, and as far as organic places go, this one is pretty swanky. I don't know how awesome their food is usually cos for Mother's Day they pretty much only had some sets and a really REALLY limited ala carte range.

 But first! Obligatory family camwhore pics yay!

 THIS picture, however, is not an obligatory poseur picture, it's to demonstrate how damn low the tables are. My dad is about 6 feet tall. He's not made for this sort of table!

They're ALL this low. Looks pretty, though!

 Unfortunately for my dad, 'pretty' means nothing when you can't really fit your knees under the table. He spent the whole night with his knees sticking out. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!
(seriously, though, my mum deserves an award for putting up with me.)
 Yay matching ugly en famille slippers! 
Not really. You have to leave your shoes outside.
So don't wear your Louboutins or you'll spend your entire meal with your heart somewhere in a shoe cabinet outside the restaurant.

 And ooh look! The teapot stand thing is so pretty omg. So art-deco-y. Loves. If I could (and if there weren't so many wait staff hovering around), I would've totally smuggled it home *shifty eyes*

Oh and the tea was nice too. Some sort of sweetened ginseng-y thing.

 Starter was a fruit salad, just a bunch of cutely-shaped fruit balls (heehee) with a sort of berry sauce. I thought it was the yums so I totally stuffed my face.

 "Huh..? Fruits..?"
Little brother was less enthused.

 Mother was outraged at the slightly bad fruit.
Yes, she complained.
Waiter: "Happy Mother's Day, beautiful Mother!" *brandishing carnation*
Mum: "Uh.... Thank you.." *half a second's pause* "Your fruits are bad."
*awkward silence*

No, we didn't get a discount.

 Sorry, I was very jakun and simply had to take pictures of the cute teacup! Ignore the poseur at the back -___-

More pictures of over-priced (but yummy, granted) organic food below.

 Yong Chow fried rice, all dressed up and organic-fied.

 More starters.

 A sweet soup. Apple-something, it REALLY wasn't my cup of tea. The rest of the family liked it, though.

Good ol' minestrone, made the organic way. Which isn't really like the Italian way, apparently.

 Dad: "Pfft. Spoons. For what need spoons? Drink like this can already la."

 Because Malaysian organic-y people are so kick-ass, we eat Aglio Olio with cili padi. No pussy chilli flakes for us, pfft. Give us the green stuff!

I teared up. Cos I'm not kick-ass enough.

Ok, THIS definitely deserves a mention. Butterfish covered with a creamy herb-y sauce, on a mound of mashed sweet potato and pumpkin. Holy crap delicious. The fish was cooked to perfection, like, you'd poke it with your fork and it'd peel away and whisper "Eat me," while looking at you, all glistening and fragrant. THAT good. Serious. I'm not sure if it's on the ala carte menu, but yeah. It's called Hawaiian Fish or something, but honestly I'm not too sure what's Hawaiian about it. Maybe the sweet potato-pumpkin mash? Ah well. Who cares. It's delicious.

 Spaghetti Alfredo with salmon.

 Dad: "Noodles are eaten with chopsticks. End of story."

 Ok, and THIS, dear reader, is how to make something sinful UNsinful, and ruin it in the process. What you see appears to be pie and chocolate ice cream, no?
Ok, the pie is pie. Yummy. Not rave-worthy, but yummy, and made of the flaky sort of pastry so it wasn't ACTUALLY really pie-like. But they take creative liberties all the time so yeah. What's new.


They made it out of aloe vera and cocoa powder *cries outraged tears*

It tasted NOTHING like a chocolate ice cream, instead it was a weird, sticky, cold, bitter goo.

"No dairy, no sugar, and no fat!" the waiter happily announced.

Ya, no yummy also ok.


Oh, and more camwhore shot! See how I'm smiling? I did not look like that while eating the pseudo ice cream. Which my dad had to finish for me because nothing makes me more miserable than strange-tasting fake food.

Moral of the story?


Liz said...

Food looks so yummeh though !!!! And p.s YOU'RE looking good babeeeeeee :DDDDD