Thursday, December 2, 2010

There's A First Time For Everything!

This week has been a week of new experiences!

First, my first EVER facial on Monday.
Went to Skin11, to take them up on their offer - a free collagen facial thing worth RM229. The facial lasted 2 and a half hours: about two hours of bliss and pampering, with masks (three of them! The kiasu in me is most pleased), scrubs, massages, and nice-smelling moisturisers. 
The other half an hour was TORTURE. Let me tell you, blackhead removal is a modern form of torture, along with bikini waxing (men who think women with some hair are equivalent to woolly mammoths, YOU try it and see). The - uh, beautician? facialist? - facial lady said "tell me when it's painful" but it was painful pretty much throughout the whole thing so I decided to keep silent. And that half an hour taught me new pain-tahaning techniques.
1. clench toes.
2. clench jaw.
3. tear up silently.
4. sing Glee songs in head.
5. imagine torture scenes, and comfort self that this is mere blackhead removal, no loss of limbs/life involved.

Thank god, after the pain was over, came massages and the three masks. I do have a question, though. Why is it necessary to blow water droplets in my face while the masks are on it? Cos after a while, I had a really wet face, and water was slowly trickling along my jawline towards my neck. AND it was cold! That being said, the whole experience was awesome. Even the parts where she left me alone, to let the stuff on my face seep into my skin. I lay there in the dark (eyes covered with something), and realised that shit, man my head is an empty, boring place to be in. I am a REALLY boring person, and I apparently cannot generate any thoughts without stimuli from phone or laptop!
But, seriously. It feels really luxurious, lying there while someone spreads things on my face and gives me massages. The lady did say that if I do come back in the future, I don't need this intensive sort of facial because I'm too young and my skin is still good (*smug*). So yeah, if you're planning on doing a facial, a collagen one might be a little bit tooo intensive, especially if you're in your twenties.

Oh and on to New Thing No. 2!
Ok, sorry, do I sound super jakun?
Whatevs. It was a whole new cinematic experience, like serious. Ok, it's also a whole new price range, one I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Thank god my dad was in a 'ah, what the heck' mood. 
The seats are all super cushy, recliner seats! Imagine watching a movie with your feet up, snuggled to the chin in a fluffy quilt. In times of sudden shock or violence, you can also use said quilt to cover your head! Which is what I did! If you're thirsty, you don't have to run out midway to the concession stand to buy a drink, cursing yourself for your lack of foresight. You can just press a button, and a waitress will appear, take your order and bring it to you! Ordered too many things, and now you have to juggle stuff? No worries, the waitress will bring it to you later. Now, how is THAT for awesome? Have I mentioned the recliner?
Oh, and one more thing which may make me sound like a total cleanliness freak.
The toilet seat is covered with plastic. Before you sit down, press a button and fresh plastic will appear on the seat. Totally hygienic! My mum and I were like "THIS TOILET IS THE BOMB!" 

Oh, and Harry Potter is the bomb too.

But for feel-good happiness and warm, fuzzy feelings all-round, I'll have to recommend Rapunzel. ONLY THE AWESOMEST DISNEY MOVIE since they stopped making proper Disney cartoons. I am in love with Flynn, and anyone who says that I can't marry an animated movie character will have to forcibly rip the bridal bouquet from my white-knuckled hands. Just saying.

Oooh Glee is done loading! ^___^


Liz ^^, said...


Harry Potter AND Rapunzel???? Jealousssssssssssss. I'm gonna watch them. One of these days.

When I can get off my lazy bum la xD

May Lee said...

wahahaha XD

well, if the only reason you haven't watched is cos you're lazy, then i have no sympathy for you ^__^