Friday, November 26, 2010

I Will Stop Saying "I Can't."

You know how sometimes we set up mental barriers for ourselves? Like "Oh, I will NEVER be able to do this!" or "Ala, he could only do it cos he has the contacts! I don't, so I will always be stuck at the bottom of the ladder."

Sound familiar? Heck, I do it a lot!
I go "I'm not smart/pretty/funny/creative enough!" or "No I can't cos I suck at it!" and sink into self-pity.
Which is a massive waste of time.

Especially when there are people like

Yi Lin, who lost a leg to bone cancer when she was in Standard Four. Not only that, you see that medal she's holding up? She won it. IN A SWIMMING COMPETITION. With no leg AND cancer in her lungs (it spread). After facing so many blows in life, she managed to pick herself up and move on, and not only that, to also achieve more than many 'lucky' people do in their lives. Most of us drift. We have all our limbs, and we use them to fully facilitate our wallowing in uselessness.

Where's my self-pity now? Buried somewhere under a load of shame. Where are your excuses?

Full article here!

p/s: I CAN DRIVE NOW! Not very far, because while my driving skills have improved, my sense of direction hasn't. So until I get a GPS, I don't dare venture very far, unless I have a navigator! But yes! I can driiveee *happy*