Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sugar Makes All Things Good.

God, the wonky internet in UKM is driving me up the wall!

Between the play that my class will be doing for our Performance Studies course and my thesis, I feel like I'm being run ragged. 

Oooh, speaking of the play! I'm super excited, the script was taken off the internet but so heavily modified that practically the only thing that remains of the original are the names of the two lead characters. The copyright had expired anyway, so I don't think I broke any rules. Jeann, Pei Vin and I made so many changes, it's almost a whole new piece of work! Incidentally, am also the lead character. Which sounds super unfair, but we all have to be both cast AND crew. So we had to audition (it was 10% of our final grade!), and I was actually angling for the antagonist - I gave her extra lines and everything cos I wanted that part! - but as I was rehearsing, my mother came up to me and said very bluntly "Ah Ger, if you go for that part, you're not going to get it."

So I switched.

My mum was right, as usual.

I am now the lead character of a frickin musical. And I can't even really sing, holy hell! But it's a LOT of fun to act. I won't say I'm very good at it tho, and I definitely need to work on memorising the lines that I enthusiastically wrote a few weeks ago, thinking "HAHA kesian the person who gets the part of Karla, so many lines!". 

Karma, ass, bites. Make sentence.

Life has been a series of ups and downs: ups being acting, a certain whale, awesome food, good friends and awesome lecturers. Downs would include my thesis. And the saying 'who needs enemies when I have friends like you'? Yeah. I've met people who have convinced me that I don't really need to expand my enemy collection anytime soon. I've filed them under the 'downs' label. 


Am not going to let the downs get me down. 
Made a (pretty lame) funny.

Anyway. Life goes on, no? The positives vastly outnumber the negatives, anyway. Life is good.
 Oh, I cut my hair again!I figured "what the heck lah, hair grows back anyway! Carpe diem!", hopped into the chair and told the lady "BANGS, AND THIS SHORT", and let her do her thing. I quite like it! I think it symbolises the risks one has to take in life (chewah! Sesungguhnya pelajar sastera!).

And MMM. 
Cuppacakes make life sparkly when things start to get a little grimy.

I love sugar.


Anonymous said...

Are you a Rachel Berry or a Mercedes Jones? HEHEHEHEHEHE. Macam best je tengok MayLee berlakon. :p

Liz ^^, said...

All the best with your play AND your thesis ! :D *hugs*

k0k s3n w4i said...

pretty sure that's not what john keating meant when he said carpe diem.

since you're the writer, you could totally trim the lines on the fly, right?

May Lee said...

ck - neither! i am, at best, a mike chang. can't sing!! >.<

sasa - THANK YOUU! see you tmr =DD

sen wai - =P nevermind, i'll take creative liberties. haha yes i can, but still! there's only so much i can trim before it's obvious that entire chunks are missing!