Friday, February 11, 2011

Escaping the Pressure Cooker, Letting Off Some Steam!

How does that song go? "Girls just wanna have fun"? 

Damn straight.

 My friends and I seem to be food-crazy but I swear it's not deliberate. We just end up in yummy places!

 Yummyy. Like serious. Sorry, I have no idea what the shop is named, I just know it's somewhere in ss2! Corner shop. Go forth and search! I wasn't a big fan of their wu kok tho.

 We also do.... sports..?
And true to sports failure form, I score 6 consecutive longkangs.
I've actually gone for bowling lessons, to my utter shame. Chris Tan, who's so slim she looks like lifting a bowling ball would snap her in half, is really good! Life Lesson: Skinny people CAN lift heavy balls.

Oh, we finally ate at Brotzeit! I've been hearing about it but never actually knew WHERE in Midvalley it's located (same row as Chilli's and the police station, if you're just as blur as I was). Brotzeit is.. phwoar. A little on the pricey side for impoverished students such as I, but GOD, SO WORTH IT.

 Mango beer! Sounds strange but tastes really good! Like fizzy mango juice with the bitter tang of beer. I think I'll ask for more mango and less beer next time, though. I turn embarrassingly red when I drink. Is there any way to suppress the redness? I literally look like I dunked my whole face into a big tub of blusher!


For food, we tried the chicken breast. I'm not usually a fan of chicken breast, because it can be dry and rather tasteless, but omg this one was awesome! It totally helped that it came topped with huge pats of herbed butter, and was nestled on huge beds of mashed potato. The salad it came with was not, as you can see, some pathetic leaves on the side of the plate. Hell, no. This salad was practically the main dish. I love my veggies so I dove into the green goodness like a starving wolf. It doesn't LOOK like a lot of food, but it's actually very filling! Two girls with medium appetites can share, I think. The three of us shared and we were pretty satisfied when we were done!

Which was a bad, BAD thing because we also ordered the pork knuckles!
 Ok, this one I remember the price. 85 bucks, but it's designated for two people, according to Brotzeit. Which means that it can feed 3, maybe 4 Malaysian girls. There were three of us, but we were already quite full from the chicken! It comes with potato salad, sauerkraut and pickles, and is REALLY REALLY REALLY awesome. But we were stuffed to the eyeballs so we had to tapao it and take it with us for dinner. It was all we had for dinner, and even then we struggled to finish everything! So, if you're going with a bunch of girls, don't order individual portions unless you have German-sized appetites. (I assume that's the average amount of food German people eat. If I'm correct I salute you, Deutsch menschen.)

Oh, and Spoon! Yum. Uh, the three of us shared one which testifies to our insatiable need to EAT stuff even though we're full. Was yummy! But a bit exp. And it could do with more fruit toppings! I like how the counter changes colour, though.

After all the mad shopping and eating and shopping and clubbing, though, we return to the pressure cooker to be good girls and work on our respective thesis-es (what's the plural for thesis? theses?). Which is obviously what I'll be doing right after this blog post.

Yup. That's what I'll do.


Liz ^^, said...

Do your thesis? Yeah, righhhhhtttt. xD

And yes, the plural is "theses" :P Just being a good TESL friend !!!! :D