Monday, February 21, 2011

No Cows HERE

 When I think 'Bangi', I always think 'small, dingy coffeeshops, nasi goreng USA' etc. BUT, I have to admit that I am a terrible person who overgeneralises things. Because hello, Little White Cafe is situated smack in the middle of Bangi! The exterior looks so quaintly chic (or is it chicly quaint?), it looks like it'd fit in with other upmarket eateries in, say, Bangsar.

 The awesomeness continues indoors! Absolutely pretty, with a combination of ye olde English charm and contemporary zing in the form of a wall of really gorgeous photos. Sorry I didn't take a picture of said wall, I was too busy alternating between stuffing my face, and looking around in wonder like a total jakun. Oh, and posing for pictures *shamefaced*

 One of their most popular items is the English tea that's about 50-odd bucks for two people. Mmmm. English tea in Bangi. The mind boggles. With a pot of tea, in this case, chamomile. Would I have ever guessed that there is chamomile tea being served in sweet floral teapots in Bangi? Nope. That being said, I'm not being snobby in being so surprised. After all, there are cows wandering the roads not too far away from my uni. But back to the Little White Cafe!

 I like cream. I like pastry things. I like strawberries. And sugar. Looking at this picture makes me want to lick my screen!

 I also decided to choose something I've never, ever tried before - the Sausage Egg Bake. It's really interesting: it's bits of sausage, chunks of potatoes and some cheese, all embedded in egg, sort of like a casserole. Topped with cream and some chopped tomatoes to give it a bit of a zing. Yummy! Looks a bit.. yellow, but it's something different.

 And oh holy God the Red Velvet cake. I've had awesome Red Velvet, starting with Whisk's version, which has a stronger flavour for the cake, and sweeter cream cheese. This one is subtler all round, but just as delicious! The cream cheese icing is just.. God. Not too sweet, you can taste the cheese and scrape every last smear of it off the plate without being overpowered by sweetness. It's 1.10 in the morning right now, and I'm not doing myself any favours by staring at the cake. It's masochism, that's what it is.

Chrissy being lady of the manor. What did I tell you about the teapot?

Bangi, I forgive you the cows. And the monkeys. And the crazy drivers. Just make sure more nice food places open up! 

Sincerely, May Lee.


Liz ^^, said...

Oh WOW. That looks AWESOME !!! In Bangi? How on earth did you discover that place? How do you get there? Any chance it's reachable by bus? *hopes furiously* :(

May Lee said...

i don't think it is, babeee.. are there even buses going to bangi?? but yes it is suuuper yummy!

Anonymous said...

u can take komuter to ukm and shuttle bus or taxi to little white cafe. Its just 5 minutes away.

khairul said...

i mean ukm komuter (ktm) station.. :)

May Lee said...

thanks khairul! =))

Hani Bunny said...

Mek! where in the world of Bangi is this? I NAK TAU!

Suphasan said...

Take the north south highway towards seremban, exit Kajang. Straiht towards Bandar baru bangi, straight until an ending T-junction, turn right. Straight till a traffic light. Keep on straight but make sure keep left as you will exit the first left after the traffic light. The place is around the shop lots on the right. *basically beside Nasi Ulam and behind old town if not mistaken*