Monday, November 1, 2010

What Happens When The Exam Leash Comes Off

Holy crap, the past few days have really put me through the wringer - imagine studying non-stop, with the only breaks in between being to take bloody mothereffing exams. 

I reached UKM on Wednesday. Went to McD's to study with the Christinas. Got back at 12, made plans to meet in McD's again to study the next day. Did just that. Went for exam. After exam, met up to study. Repeat ad nauseum.


The misery days are over, though!! Thank God!

Saturday was the day of my last paper, and that night the UKM students burst out of the exam-created confines of the campus and ran wild in the streets of KL *gleeful*

There's nothing like freedom right after incredible stress and misery.

 Requisite bathroom camwhore shot!
Pei Vin aka the identity-challenged masked person and moi the so-called 'sexy' librarian in Mist's bathroom.

 Hahaha Pei Vin and I screwed up the courage to ask if we could take some pics with the DJs!
As is obvious, they said yes.

 Librarian mode!

 According to the books I'm holding, potatoes and lime are good for you.
Vodka ftw, man. I like it lots more than whiskey!

Librarian pose = fail.

 Group shot! Chrissy as Kimora, Chris Tan as a devil, the librarian sans books (can't dance while holding books, ok!) and the masked menace (WAHAHA).

After Mist, we headed off for bak kut teh (got stopped by a cop along the way God only knows why, but he let us off after looking at our MyKads) and then to Pei Vin's house to craash.

Crawled out of bed at about 12, and still managed to fit in another camwhore pic! Yay!

Ooooh another thing that happened later in the day was a random plan to go watch a car-drifting competition in Putrajaya with Chris Tan and her boyfriend.

Have you been in a car that was drifting in mad circles at more than 100 km/h?

There's something about danger and speed that makes me feel alive!
Seriously one of the most exhilaratingly scary times of my life.. and I can't wait to do it again! Sorry no pics, I was too quivery after I got out of the car hahaha.

It's hard to hold a camera when your fingers are shaking and you can barely type a text to say 'ZOMG I WAS IN A FUCKING DRIFT CAR!!'

I think it's a sign of great vanity that, in times of potential bodily harm, I clutch at my face to cover as much skin as possible with my hands. *shame*