Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Google Search: How Do You Get Answers?

 Say you have a question. Where do you turn to for help?

I was reading an article by the Star columnist Mary Schneider, about questions posed on the internet. Apparently people ask things like 'how to kiss' and 'how to tie a tie'. It got me thinking - how much DO we rely on the internet? I know I have, on many occasions, enthused about how much I love the internet and how I rely on it to answer everything, but I do actually ask humans for help! Come on, 'how to boil an egg'? Do you really need the internet for that?

There are lots of things that the internet can help with, especially when it comes to questions we don't really want to ask people cos of the potential embarrassment they could cause.
BUT learning from experiences and people can sometimes create the memories that make up the tapestry of your life. I mean, how did you learn to tie a tie? I was taught by my dad, and even though it's something quite insignificant as far as memories go, I'll always remember standing there while he patiently taught me how to loop it around and pull it snug. Every time I tie a tie (it's been ages since I last did, though - hello school memories!), I think of my dad. And every time I reverse a car into a parking space, I can totally hear my mum's voice in my head going "OK! Bai zhik (straighten out), don't go in too far!". Would I have these memories to share if I, say, Googled 'how to reverse park'? Nope.

That being said, I have Googled 'how penises work' on the urging of friends who shall remain unnamed for fear that they will exact painful revenge.  It also makes for interesting memories. And the internet totally saved my ass when I dropped my phone in the toilet and frantically searched 'what to do phone dropped in toilet'!

I guess, on second thought, that it doesn't reeaally matter HOW we get our information. But isn't it nice to have memories of stuff like learning how to kiss WITH another person? My first one was sort of awkward and fumbly. It was sweet. And it wouldn't have been the same if I had first Googled 'how to kiss' and had done it with things like 'no face-chewing like a zombie' running in my mind!

No, there was no face-chewing.


Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, I guess you're right. REAL experiences are always better. I had fond memories of learning to tie a tie from my dad too ! haha

And my first kiss? Was awkward and weird too. And I rmb thinking, Ugh, do people actually like this? xD

Now, of course, I think differently ! *giggles*

k0k s3n w4i said...

i can't remember my first kiss at all. i have a rough idea when it happened, and i know who it was with based on circumstantial evidence - but i can't remember where i had it or how it felt like.

i think some futurists posited that the measurement of human intelligence will have to incorporate our digital extensions eventually. that is also why there's a push to designate internet access as a basic human right, much like healthcare and clean water.

it's time we get plugged into the hive mind of humanity. i for one welcome our new cybernetic overlords.

May Lee said...

sasa - just for the heck of it, i tied one just now! was fun haha =P yeah i was quite underwhelmed as well, was thinking 'errr.. why not like movies one??'

sen wai - i don't wanna end up catching my kids making out with their androids. but everyone SHOULD have access to the internet! and not lousy censored internet (ahem, china)!