Thursday, January 13, 2011

Roll Camera!

One small rant:

Why is life never like a movie script? Why can't people meet the one they're destined for, have a conversation, go on a date, and get together? Ok, of course there will be a conflict (crazy ex-girlfriend, personal issues, etc etc) but True Love will prevail and then there will be a Happy Ending with a nice soundtrack. But nooooooo, real life has to be a right bugger and throw all sorts of monkey wrenches in the works, jamming up our Happy Ending production machines.

Then we wander around, lovelorn and sad. And not even lovelorn like those movie characters! Those people get to grow beards and mope around, drinking milk from the carton and looking like dirtier versions of hobos. We have to clean up and get shit done or else life turns around and bitch-slaps us. If I had my way, then we would one day wake up to find the loves of our lives at the front door with a cute sign or a sparkly ring (of course, we'd look absolutely fabulous cos we'd sleep with makeup on, unless you're a guy then you'd be stubbly but CUTE) and we'd live Happily Ever After, after having the Big White Wedding.


Screw you, movies. You've given me unnaturally high expectations.

That being said, while not exactly movie-like, I quite like my life. Sure, I don't roll out of bed with perfect hair, but still. Could be worse, no?