Friday, January 28, 2011

Shopping = Workout

One day, while trudging around Sunway Pyramid, my family and I discovered something:

There is a buggy to drive you around INSIDE the shopping centre!

Taken from my seat inside the buggy, sorry no outside view. People were gawping, I'm not thick-skinned enough to stand around and take pictures while people stare in my direction.

We truly live in a world where pretty much every want or need is anticipated and fulfilled by service providers and manufacturers, no? Now you don't even need to walk around in a mall if you don't want to! And trust me, after a couple of shopping trips in huge-ass places like Midvalley and 1Utama, you don't want to. I always feel on the verge of collapse after a shopping trip, but nobody shows any sympathy when I start with "OMG, too much shopping is really hard!" because apparently shopping is recreational and in no way a hardship. I beg to differ! People who scoff, YOU try walking in circles for a good five to six hours, only stopping to try on clothes (which requires a lot of stretching and bending over), or look at items to compare prices (brainpower), or to eat (refueling). If you're in a rush, you end up brisk-walking, which is what people do on treadmills in gyms worldwide, but you actually do it for longer! Bonus points if you walk up the escalators! Think about it, carrying shopping bags are like lifting weights, walking around is like doing time on a treadmill; who said shopping is all fun and games? And have I mentioned the mental exhaustion that comes after a long day of calculating prices after discounts? And to ascertain that you get the best value for money, you have to make sure that the item isn't cheaper just because it's lesser in volume! All that requires a certain agility of mind, pooh-pooh-ers.

Now, excuse me while I collapse in bed, I've managed to convince myself that I've had a terribly strenuous day today and I deserve some rest. Goodnight!