Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Not Gold-Digging, It's Biology

I've just discovered an awesome TV series - Mad Men! Ok, I know I'm waay behind the rest of the world, bla bla, but being late doesn't diminish my love for it! I have a sneaking suspicion that my love stems from Donald Draper, the suave James Bond-esque (without the fighting and gadgets but with all the debonair sexiness that makes women want to carry his babies) advertising man who heads the cast. Don is pretty much what my mother would term 'A Bad BAD Husband Candidate': he cheats on his wife, has a secret past that no one knows about, and is just waay too good-looking for his own good.

Jesus. Look at that.

Actually, all of the men on the show are pretty much unfaithful womanisers. Kids, don't be like these men (even though they're sexy). I know, I know, women didn't burn their bras and fight for women's rights just so I can drool over the patriarchy that is portrayed in the show. But! There's something about unabashed masculine authority that appeals to the primitive female inside every woman, be she decked out in LV and shining with urbane polish or dressed in some Mormon dress and sharing a husband with 6 other women. 
 Or maybe it's just me. 
But I really do think that deep within every man resides a Neanderthal wielding a club. Therefore, it only makes sense that there is a corresponding Neanderthal within every woman, who secretly wants to be clubbed over the head and dragged into a cave. Of course, I'm all for equality amongst the sexes in the things that matter such as the right to vote, the right to education, the right to be heard. Misogyny is definitely something that should be stamped out and abolished, women have just as much right to live on this earth and be treated with the same respect men get. But is it wrong to want to be wooed the old-fashioned way? I like doors to be opened for me, even though I can open them myself. I like chivalrous gestures. One day when I have a home of my own, I want to be the one who cooks (I can't yet, but I will learn!). Of course, if he does the dishes after that, that's fine by me! 
I've done enough gender studies in school to know that I am subscribing to a rather archaic school of thought constructed by a patriarchal society that favours men over women. But I don't think anyone can, if they're truly honest with themselves, deny the fact that some ideas are so deeply rooted into our psyches that we cannot rip them out any more than we can change the direction of the earth's orbit. Rich men dating beautiful young women is a prime example of basic mating: The women go for the best provider, and the men go for youth and looks which all point to healthy offspring. You can cloak it in many disguises 'oh she's a gold-digger', 'he's shallow', but it's biological! I'm not saying I'm off to get my claws into the first guy with a fat wallet, I'm enough of a modern girl to think that it's unnecessary to depend solely on a man since women now can have good jobs, etc. But I'm not about to get married to a bum who freeloads off me. Whether or not he drags a club.

I'd let Donald Draper hit me with a club, though.

Just saying.


k0k s3n w4i said...

trying to have it both ways again huh? ;)

k0k s3n w4i said...

just a small, pedantic nitpick: neanderthals were our contemporaries back before they went extinct. while we did interbreed with that lineage, we weren't exactly descended from them. and there's nothing to suggest that their societies were more patriarchal compared to ours :D

Liz ^^, said...

Gosh, I like this post ! haha And who IS this Donald Draper???? (See, no worries, you may be waayyy behind the rest of the world, but I'm waayyyyy behind YOU, so don't feel bad ! :P)

He could whack me on the head and drag me by the hair anytime too xD

May Lee said...

sen wai - i don't see why i can't eat the cake too =P

bah, you and your smartness. our society is supposed to be more evolved, more women's rights, etc etc. no?

i always use 'neanderthal' to describe a male chauvinist.. sorry neanderthals. i won't besmirch your good name again! =D

sasa - don't worry sasa, you naughty girl, you! better late than never!

k0k s3n w4i said...

both ways, huh.

excuse me. i have to go write a post entitled: "It's Not Being Unfaithful to One's Partner, It's Biology."