Saturday, May 22, 2010


I was reading this news article on the BBC website about how the prison population in England and Wales has reached a staggering 85, 201 people - a record high! Other countries (like us) have records in other things like the longest pizza, tallest roti tisu, etc etc. England and Wales have a lot of criminals.

Policeman 1 - "I've got me walkie-talkie, let's go get us some criminals, wot need catchin'!"
Policeman 2 - " 'ere, lad. I've got news that we've been too 'ardworking lately.. prisons' are full! Let's pop down to the pub for a pint instead."

Anyway, as I was reading, it hit me - LOL, now the people and the govt of England are going to be stuck in a catch-22 situation. Say, someone sees a flasher; the most common reaction would be to call the cops, right? Now they may have to think twice, like "Hmmmmm. He's not really DANGEROUS.. He just likes to show off his (small) thingamajiggy. And the prisons are so crowded.. and my taxes are all going to the prisons to feed their sorry arses!" but on the other hand.. "WHAT IF HE FLASHES A CHILD?'

Alamak susahnyer jadi orang England sekarang.

Better stay here in Malaysia, no need to worry about such things, kan? Anyway, talking about England makes me want to watch 'My Fair Lady' again.

                                               "Come on, Dover, move yer bloomin' arse!"

They don't make women like her anymore.