Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RAZR, your name was totally misleading.

THIS is what you should've looked like!

Fuh. I foresee many many phone conversations in China that contain

"... and as I was saying, your EFFING mother is such a BITCH -"
"Uh.. darling, you're on loudspeaker. I'm shaving. My mother is here."
"YES, DARLING, his mother is here."

*cue Jaws theme song*


Yvonne Tee said...
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Yvonne Tee said...

Doesn't this remind you of the Miss Mobile concept Chris and I came up with? XD Told you it was a totally marketable product!!! :P

May Lee said...

hahaha sort of, yeah! but yours was more makeup-y. make a prototype and patent it lar!