Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Things First

True to my extremely random nature, I decided to start blogging again after I got a wahyu from the God of Bloggers. The result - Stop and Smell the Roses!

Uh, I suppose I should post something about myself here.

Hiiiii I'm May Lee, doing Literature in English in UKM.. yeah, it's a local university and yes, the lecturers (mine, at least) speak English. Yes, good English. Excellent, in fact.

Hmmmm.. what more what more.. ah, I'm taking Lit because it's really really awesome even though all the uncle aunties tell me it's not the most practical course in the world to take, unlike accounting or business or finance or medicine or engineering ("confirm can get job one!!" uh, not really, uncle aunty). And no, I don't really aspire to become a teacher (not that I look down on teaching - I think it's a really noble profession!).. my main goal is to turn writing into my profession. Hence the blog - it's really good practice!

I think that's about it for now. Haha.

And now, the requisite photo:

Oops! Excusez-moi. That is a picture of a random monkey.

THIS is me

Okay, enough shameless self-promotion.

Til the next post,

Dont forget to take a break and smell some roses!


Kimmy said...

MONKEY! do monkeys sound like anyway? HAHAHA!

May Lee said...

i'm not rising to the bait, HA. the monkey is not meeee =((

Anonymous said...

sweetie? your random monkey has a manicure.

May Lee said...

it is a well-groomed monkey =D