Monday, May 24, 2010

When Wishes Come True!

I read these three articles today about the Make A Wish foundation and the children they've made happy; found



and here;

and teared up. Not so much for the awesomeness of getting one's wish come true, but because the ones getting wishes granted are children with terminal illnesses like cancer. What were you doing as a child? I was climbing trees, and falling down and reading incessantly - basically living a carefree life where the worst thing that could happen to me was when I messed up and got grounded. Those kids spend their childhoods in hospitals, watching their parents cry and scrape together some money for treatments. Those kids spend their days in pain, suffering from the side-effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Some of those kids are bald,

some are skinny,

or weak

or have reduced mobility due to their illness.

But they have spirit, and the will to live.

Some of those kids die after their wishes are granted, some of the kids survive to lead normal lives. But all of them have bigger balls than some adults in this world.

                               Brett, 7, diagnosed with soft tissue cancer

I can't help it.. When I read about children getting ill, all I can think of is 'IT'S SO UNFAIR!'

The article titled 'Experience of a Lifetime' talks about a kid named Harith Hazim who is 4 and is battling cancer. He's quoted as telling his mother 'Jangan nangis, mak. Hazim kuat, saya tidak nangis', when his mother would cry during his treatments.

Here he is, getting his wish granted - to launch his own rocket. Cue the tears and the sniffles.

P/S:To his left is the hamsap angkasawan who totally scandaled with a student (his fiancee, he's making an honest woman out of her) while she was in his class in UKM. Yay UKM! *bangga*