Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too much fun is hard on the knees


Spent the whole of yesterday ON MY FEET. I am a couch potato - there's nothing I love more than sitting around all day tapping away on my beloved notebook. But yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon and some of the evening in Empire, the newest shopping centre to hit Subang (can I get a 'YAYY!' from the ladies?), followed by a night of frenzied 'dancing' in Zouk. I say 'dancing' because I'm convinced I look like an octopus that was just freed from a fisherman's net.

Oh yeah babyy.. Shakin' that ass yeah shakin' that ass *flail flail*

Was fun, though! It's fun to get off my arse once in a while. My knees hurt, though. Is it a sign of (OH GOD, THE HORROR) aging? Anyway, in case you were hoping for pics of a red-faced May Lee clutching an alcoholic drink, Zouk pics are not available. HA.

But pics of Tarbush - where I went with my family for lunch - ARE!

Mmm Lebanese food is made of the awesome. Not expensive, either! Service could be better, but they seemed quite busy so I suppose you can't expect too much (in Malaysia). 

Tabouleh salad (sour), some soup (lentils = mmm), and lamb hommus (MMMMMM). Oh, and Lebanese bread.

"THE SALAD IS MINE, CHILD!" The chicken briyani to the left? NICE.

Prettyyyyy. Now, back to pics of food. And me.

Arabian mint tea. Sounds refreshingly yummy? IT IS.

I am the genteel lady, he's the fogged-specs kid.

Evidently, I get my poser tendencies from Mom and Dad.

"Goood.. Theees eees goooood."

I agree with my dad. =)

P/s: My dad waited up for me til 3.45 in the morning. I am a crap kid. I am never reproducing; if my offspring turn out like me, I may commit childicide.