Thursday, October 14, 2010

Escaping Simon

I'm sorry this space has been silent for so long, but assignments and real life have kept me so busy, I haven't even had time to do laundry (brought 'em all home for mummy to handle *scuffs toe in dirt*) let alone write a proper blog post!

Yesterday started off with an exhibition - the exhibits being the posters my class made containing elements of gender-related issues. 

This is my group's poster about domestic abuse!

 Chris loves her poster.
 Meet Kevin, one of only three guys in my class and the subject of glares and mutterings whenever our lecturers raise feminist issues.
"Yes, Kevin, stop OPPRESSING us!"
"Don't objectify us! We're not sex objects!"
"You're such a MALE CHAUVINIST."
Poor oppressed men.

My group! Yes, I didn't get the 'It's Punjabi Suit Day!' memo.
Haha actually I did, but I don't own one.
Individualism, woot!

Doing my bit for domestic violence! Say NO to using women as target practice!
 Random camwhore picture with Shel's dupatta!

The stress of assignments, presentations, talks etc got to us so bad that when a random 'DRESS UP AND GET OUT!' opportunity presented itself, we grabbed it. Oh boy, did we grab it.
 Shel, Chrissy and me at Kissaten.
We're hideously overdressed for Jaya 1. People's eyeballs were out on stalks.
 Maybe it was because of Chris the Model.
Who is the reason we now call assignments 'Simon'.
"Wahh still have so many assignments.. DIEEE"
"Huh? Simon? Who's Simon?"

Mockery all round.
 Not that I don't sympathise, but.. 
Eat your cheesecake, I'll be over here looking good for Simon.