Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Like Slides, Not Heights

Have you heard about the slide in Empire?
At 5 storeys tall, it is (according to them) the tallest indoor slide in the world!
At RM12 a ride, it could possibly  be the most expensive slide too *looks wistfully at free slide in playground*

Part of me wants to give it a shot, but the wuss in me says "HELL, NO! Have you forgotten your fear of heights?"
I listen to the wuss. It shouts louder and accompanies its oratory with sensory backup like quivery knees and sweaty palms.

My brother went ahead and did it though!
Here's a video! Erm, the first couple of minutes is pretty much just a shot of the slide, cos the staff take some time to fit each slider-person (haha is that even correct?) into a sort of rug that you stick your feet into. So you can slide properly. Oh, word to the wise: don't wear crocs (the classic-looking ones with the fat front), like what my brother did, cos one of the reasons the slide is empty for sooo long in the video is that the staff had some problems stuffing my brother's fat croccy feet into the rug-bag-thing!

And I have no idea why my brother slides down so slowly, maybe it's because he's light. People usually whoosh down much faster!

Ok, watching this video makes me want to go on the slide!

Shut up, wuss May Lee.
It's time to grow some balls!
Ok, fine. =/
Can someone go down with me? I may need some hand-holding, dammit. *quiver*


k0k s3n w4i said...

it's not the height i object to. it's the price. i'm sure they would have far more customers if they lower it down to say, rm 5.

May Lee said...

i know right?? apparently Empire wants to only attract 'certain people', so they have some sort of cap on the price. is it a cap if it's a minimum? "it can't get cheaper than RM xx", that sort of thing. also it's fully imported from germany, etc etc. yep, RM12 for 10 seconds is really quite steep!

SiR FaiZaL SiR-raBut said...

wow~!!!! i really wanted to try it~!! muahah~~ altho we do have something in common~!!! WE FEAR HEIGHTS!! muahahaha

Bing said...

Was this in Malaysia? Where is it? The kids in my family would love it!

Just dropping by to say Hi.. keep blogging!


May Lee said...

faizal - hahaha we can hold each others' hands then! whee~

bing - gosh, thanks for dropping in! how are you? yeah, it's in malaysia.. in subang jaya, selangor to be exact. do drop by! i'll be more than happy to be your tour guide if you do =D

ping said...

lets hit that slide!