Monday, October 4, 2010

On A Break

And by that, I don't mean the holiday sort.
LoverBoy and I are on a break. From each other.

Before people gasp and start staring accusingly at him, let me clarify that I was the one who asked for one.
I needed time to think about where things are headed, and whether I can go with the flow.
And then I got to wondering "what the heck am I supposed to be thinking about?"
I mean, I've already done a fair bit of thinking BEFORE the break, what do I have to think of some more? But I guess I just need some time alone to sort my thoughts out, etc. Alone, where my judgment wouldn't get overly clouded.
It's always a big jolt when you come out of the comfortable haze of habit and routine and realise that all is not as well as you thought it was. I've had to do some uncomfortable soul-searching, and so has he.

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes the imperfections of two people can cause them to fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces... or it can cause them to scrape against each other and create sparks that can ultimately reduce a fairytale to ashes. 
Whatever the outcome of the break thing, I will always treasure the time we had together.. and I say that with all the sincerity in the world. LB has been an awesome.. well, LB.
I could never ask for more.


k0k s3n w4i said...

i broke up several times with my ex before we stayed permanently broken.

one of the first things phoebe said to me after we got together was: "make up your mind completely before you break up with me, because it will be both your first and last time."

i think it's very important to lay the terms of a relationship down at the start - as unromantic as it may sound. it's easier to play when you know the rules.

that being said, i wish both of you well, however this turns out :)

May Lee said...

thank you =)

i really balk at the idea of 'breaks' but unfortunately i did have to take one. sometimes one needs to step away before being able to see the big picture, no?

i'm glad you and phoebe are so stable! hehe. yeah it IS important to lay everything out. i do have a habit of running headlong into things though!