Friday, October 1, 2010

Post Your Secrets, They'd Stay Safe

Yesterday, Yu Jeat introduced me to this awesome site called Post Secret where you can write your deepest darkest secrets and post it in to them, anonymously.

People write in with secrets that range from the sweet
"When I make clothes for my mom, I hide notes in the seams"
to the bizarre
"I used to fantasize about having a threesome with Legolas and Pippin." (wtf -____-)

The awesome thing, I feel, about this site is that it provides a space where you can vent. I mean, have you ever had a secret so big that you feel like you need to share it or else you'd just burst, but at the same time, you cannot let it slip for fear of catastrophic consequences? Post Secret is where you can safely let it go.

And it has moved beyond mere 'oh, just tell us your secrets'. Watch this!

Can I again say how awesome the internet is?
Bless you, Internet.