Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Liver, I'm Sorry

 Meet Beer Tower. 
Meet also the sadistic guy who poured the contents of said beer tower down our gullets.
*slurs* It was supposed to be a birthday party! Sharon's birthday party, to be precise! We were supposed to chill out and be party-ish.. but noooooo Ryui Bynn was like "Imma get two beer towers and we're gonna drink it all!"
It was more like two beer towers and a jug of stout. We're all lightweights, with a few exceptions (RB being one, lucky bastard), so you can imagine the effort that went into finishing all that.
 "It's Sharon's birthday! Must give face! Drink drink drinkkkkkkk"

A mix of stout and Tiger. Not a fan of stout. Mixing doesn't help.

 Empty tower = relief!
"Wait, got one more!"

 Tomato head! I 'gave face' to Sharon, and she returned it after roasting it a bit in a beer marinade.
 Finally! Some semblance to a birthday party!

 "When I open my eyes, the beer towers will mysteriously disappear"

Happy drunk faces on the way home.
Sharon clutching her bottle of curacao.

Yum, curacao. =D


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I wasn't there. Saya tak tau minum!

k0k s3n w4i said...

i don't mind getting wasted. it's the calories in beer that scares me most. liquid bread, i call it.

May Lee said...

ck - hahaha there's no such thing as 'tak tau'.. just put it to your lips and swallow! but yeah, if you had gone home red and not-quite-steady, confirm your parents wont ever allow you out with us again!

sen wai - TELL ME ABOUT IT. the whole time, i was in double misery - one, i was getting red and uncomfortable and two, CARBS!! OH GOD THE HORROR.

May Lee said...

eh, carbs pulak. i meant CALORIES! =/