Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look Ma, I Can Tweet!

Yes! I have hopped onto the bandwagon!
As of now, I have the grand total of ONE tweet!
Yes, I am very slow. It took me years to get a Facebook account, and I'm years behind everybody else with this Twitter thing. Which meant that maylee, mayleelim, ml, lml, may_lee, and tons of other combinations were all already snapped up by other May Lees *glares*.
I had to take xoxo_maylee.
You know, like xoxo, Gossip Girl. *shame*
I never claimed to be very original. Yes, it does sound a bit bimbo. But wtf mannnn.. it's not my fault my name is so common!
Anyway, now I can share the banalities of life with all of you! Like, a million times a day! Yaaaayyyyy!
Isn't this EXCITING?

Okay, I snuck here to share my Twitter excitement, and my assignment is giving me baleful glares from its minimised position at the bottom of the screen. Sorry. Will get back to you asap. <3 *tiptoes away*

*sneaks back*


Kim said...

Woman! Finally you're on Twitter. You know what to do next.

May Lee said...

next? got next some more? haha wait another few years la k =P

Kim said... I was asking you to follow me. Ceh...nvm.

May Lee said...

HAHAHA sorry! pai seh. sudah follow. <3