Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Torn Between Laughter and Tears

I watched this video

and I don't know if I laughed because everybody in the video is laughing, or AT the people laughing. All I know is, I laughed for the entire duration and had to pause it halfway cos my tummy was hurting so bad! Okay, so I don't have abs. Hmph.

Real funny shit, much needed these days with our favourite Bolehland leaders running around trying to see how much money they can spend.

"Oh my GAWWDDDD so much monehhhh!!! How to spend how to speendddd syok tetek giler dowhhh!!!"

Seriously, if I could ask one question, it'd be 
"What the FUCK for?"

Cos honestly, RM5 billion? 
How about scholarships for poor, deserving students who will then be able to serve the Government and slow the brain drain somewhat?
And gosh, better healthcare? What about that? What is the point of having government hospitals that constantly suffer shortages, causing people to go to private ones? And now with the increased service tax, private hospitals will be even harder to afford, not like they were even cheap in the first place. Insurance will become more expensive. So basically, if we fall ill, we should just sit at home and wait to die. Is that it? Then who's going to fill up 100 floors of space?
Oooh oooh I know! How about sitting down, and thinking of the rakyat instead of how the other presidents would be soooo impressed at how the lift has buttons from G to 100?

Fuck this shit. I want to live on the moon.

I hope the Man on the Moon is good-lookin'.


ping said...

the ETP or the 1m tower or the 1m "islamic" financial centre?