Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attention, Male Chauvinists

I would like to inform you that WOMEN ARE NOT FUCKING CHATTEL.

I read this article today, and growled like a fucking enraged water buffalo (but only in my mind so as not to alarm my dear gentle family). 

Oh. Warning: swearing occurs liberally throughout this post.

Teen ‘sells’ fiancee to settle gambling debt

'Sells' fiancee? 'SELLS'? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO SELL SOMEBODY? IS SHE YOUR POSSESSION? EH, HARLOW! EVEN IF YOU WERE MARRIED, SHE WOULD STILL NOT BE YOURS TO SELL! You may or may not be aware of this, BOY, but women are not slaves to be bought and sold at your whim and fancy! Would you like it if your fiancee sold YOU to fund her shopping trips? NO, RIGHT? SO WHAT THE FUCK GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO DO IT?
And what the holy heck is she thinking, getting engaged to a teenager? Can people be any more STUPID?

He's a teenager, which means:
1. he's most likely not very highly educated
2. therefore, most likely not working in some high-paying job
3. they will most likely have their first child within a year (teenage hormones, you see)
4. young, uneducated husband, and even younger, less-educated wife plus baby equals flirting with poverty

Wow. What a catch. Factor in the fact that he gambles so much that he was unable to pay his debt... 
Be still, my beating heart.

Of course, this is IF she marries him, which I sincerely hope she doesn't since he sold her virginity to his debtor. That being said, she was about to marry him even with points 1-4 in play. I do not think very highly of her intelligence, to be honest.

But this isn't about how stupid she is. HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO SAY 'Hey, I sold your virginity to cover my gambling debts. The man is coming tonight. So.. yeah. Be prepared, eh? Go watch some porn. Get a little high.'
No, the snivelling cowardly bastard CONNED her into it. And the cherry on this whole fucking cake is that it happened in his GRANDMOTHER'S house. And as the girl screamed for help, the grandmother was unable to do anything because the door was locked.

This PERSON ( I won't call him a man, because he has no fucking BALLS), destroyed his fiancee's life, AND traumatized his grandmother. And is a useless fucktard with shit for brains.

Am I being too harsh?

He should be castrated.
And spat on.
Before being sentenced to a lifetime of servitude, caring for women who are disabled/ill/elderly in a puny, almost futile attempt to make up for (I want to say 'the terrible wrong he has done' but it isn't strong enough) FUCKING UP a life.

Oh, and if you think I'm done with my tirade, HA. Fat chance. The link actually contains two articles. And the second one is about how a woman tried to commit suicide after constantly enduring beatings from her husband.

Again, HARLOW! WHO THE FUCK GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BEAT YOUR WIFE? This is, unfortunately, not as shocking as the first article (unfortunate because it SHOULD be shocking), because this story is, sadly, an oft-repeated one. WHY does abuse continue? Because many women do not have the courage to walk away. It's very common, and I should know.

And as one who knows, let me tell you that NOT HAVING THE COURAGE TO WALK AWAY IS THE WORST THING YOU DO TO YOURSELF. Not only do you continue getting bashed for no reason (and no reason is enough to warrant getting hit by the man who is supposed to love and protect you), but you're actually enabling the abuser, allowing him to think that you'll be there no matter what he does, which is not good for YOU.

If he REALLY loves you, he wouldn't ever raise his hand to you.
Love and possessiveness are two separate things.

Conclusion of rant: A penis doesn't give anybody the right to subjugate a woman. If a man loves and RESPECTS  a woman, he would never abuse her. Physical or mental, abuse is abuse and shouldn't ever be tolerated.



k0k s3n w4i said...

yeah, why does women allow themselves to be used and abused? why do they still take their husband's name when they marry and allow all their kids to follow the man's name too? why girls themselves admit that women are less capable than men? all these bug me like hell too.

oh this world is such a fucked up place.

May Lee said...

i believe it's stockholm syndrome.. and the complex mix of emotions can make it very hard for a woman to just cut ties and walk off. seriously, it's very hard. a lot of times, they believe it when the man says "it's your fault, if you didnt do (insert thing here), i wouldn't have gotten mad.. you know how it's difficult for me to control my temper. you brought it upon yourself. i'm sorry i hit you, but you know me... you know i love you right?"

the name thing is just a social construct that is part and parcel of the patriarchal society's ideology.. personally, i think hyphenated names are a good compromise (but lim-tan or wong-chan strikes me as odd to say the least haha)!

i think it's a solid fact that girls generally are physically weaker than men. of course, there are some really strong girls and weak men, but generally wouldn't you say that being physically larger gives men that advantage over women? apart from the physical issue, women are just as capable as men, if not more! women have multi-tasking skills that come from countless generations of having to take care of hyper children AND the house with its myriad of chores. it all translates into awesome skills that can be used to our advantage in any male-dominated playing field!


yeah the world is a fucked up place. but WHO makes it fucked up?