Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here Is A Happy Luvver Post

To make up for the angry, expletive-ridden one below. Haha.

Friday is Date Day for LoverBoy and I, and we went the normal date route - dinner and window-shopping. Well, we wanted to go watch a play (fuhhhh... cultured, no?), but the only play at KLPAC was Metamorphosis, some Kafka-based play that promised to be deep and thought-inspiring.

No, thanks.

So we went to 1 Utama! Are my bourgeois tendencies showing?
Who cares. I had a yummy dinner with my luvver at Paddington's!

Pancakes for dinner? Yes please!

Carbs don't count if you eat them with your luvver. Cuz lurve burns calories.

 My Full Monty (teeheehee @ the name!), which has bacon, sausages, mashed potatoes, an egg, a side salad, guacamole AND cheddar pancakes *drool*

LoverBoy wanted to demonstrate his 'artistic' gravy-dribbling skills.
We shall not make comments.

LoverBoy muscularly pointing at his Aussie pancake burger (very yummeh!).

Pointless camwhore picture.

Oh, and 1U has really outdone themselves in the decoration stakes!
I thought Empire's decorations were pretty
and they are, but look at 1U's!

Not so colourful, yes, BUT IT'S A FRICKIN KAMPUNG! 
With REAL grass and paddy! And a scarecrow and a paddy-threshing thing!
I was very excited.
"Is that....?"
"It IS real padi!"
"Baby.. that man's wood is hanging out of his pants, ewww"

"I know, and I've got my eye on him."
BTW, I just realised Adam is very colour-coordinated. Unlike moi.

Look! They're so kampung-y and awesome! I can practically hear the kompang and taste the kuih, mmm.

Metamorphosis? Kafka?
Or pancakes and photos?

At least I'm honest about my membership status (very much active) in the bourgeoisie =D


kc said...

omg - i absolutely love my ad agency days working on PHOP's menu! btw - stumbled upon your great blog.

May Lee said...

Oh wow, you did a great job! =)
and thank you for the kind compliment!