Monday, August 2, 2010

Jho Low - The Epitome of Malaysia Boleh

The name on everybody's lips now is LOW TAEK JHO, or the snappier version of the same name: Jho Low.

He's the guy who parties with Usher, canoodles with Paris Hilton and splashes the equivalent of a small country's GDP on champagne.


I say: Leave the man alone. If he can make gazillions of dollars, he can jolly well spend a million or so here and there. He has (literally) earned that right! And if you can't do the same, don't be bitter. Just rob a bank or something.

Anyway, the poor man has been making the PR rounds, trying to clear his name of the excess and debauchery (I'm waiting for a 'One Night in Paris II') associated with it. Apparently his success is due, in part, to awesome connections and 'being in the right place at the right time', and he tries very hard to downplay the spending thing, claiming it's not his money, or that he and his friends split the (HUGE) bills. But this post isn't about how he made and spends his money.. for that, you can just go to The Star Online and read the myriad of articles devoted to him.
This post is just to say that there are so many other things in this life to have a really strong opinion about - sex education, nuclear weaponry in North Korea and child abuse being a few choice examples - and how one man makes and spends his millions is NOT one of them. Why do I read articles that say some people 'hate his guts'? If all you, like me, know about him is that he's from Penang and is uber rich, what do you know about his guts? And what is with the obsessive need to find out more about him and his life? He's just a rich guy. GEEZ.

Stop being so nosy, Malaysia.

Malaysia Boleh!


ken said...

money rulez =P

May Lee said...

=) quite true

kama said...

Are you so sure?

Reports from overseas news have claimed he is "close to people in power in Malaysia".

If it doesn't sounds fishy for a 28-year old guy with a whatever (and by that, I mean a crap, standard business degrees without any postgraduate qualifications mean very little in the U.S.) degree from a normal family in Pg to be splurging US$160,000 a night in clubs or ordering millions in champagne, then you sure are very naive!!

My guess? He's partying using other people's money. OUR money.

May Lee said...

Mmm. well, the whole 'right place, right time' thing DOES sound a little bit iffy. on the other hand, it is safe to say that lots of other people are partying with our money, so it's unfair to just single out one guy and start vilifying him (after all, if his ill-gotten gains are the result of knowing people in power, therefore those people are definitely rolling in some wrested millions themselves, no?). we should vilify the whole lot of them, but that would never happen so there's no point arguing about it.
the reason for the post is that there are people out there who say stuff like 'oh god, that guy. i hate him!' but have no clue as to who he is. to those people, i say "find something else to be passionate about - something you actually know of. don't just hate because he's obnoxiously rich."

that being said, if it ever comes to light that he is, in fact, a crook then we can all go on a witch hunt and denounce him en masse. until then, let the man party with usher.

May Lee said...
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kama said...


Are there crooks out there partying hard with our money? Sure!

No one so far has partied as hard or as grandly as him though.

The Western gossip rags are full of news on him and his brother splurging millions - complete with photos. Pictures, as they say, rarely lie.

His retort, "oh it was paid for by some rich arab dude, I'm just the organizer", does it make sense? Really?

If the MACC isn't too busy killing opposition politicians, I think he should be a prime candidate for an investigation.

Peanutxz said...

Honestly, it sounded pretty much like a scam when the news first surfaced. Like it was all planned. Some PR fluff.

Oh well...I guess I'm just jealous. ROFL!