Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka, Genting, and LoverBoy

I went for my FIRST EVER countdown last night! In Genting! With Adam, muh LoverBoy!
As you can probably tell, I'm still quite euphoric about that. This post has MAJOR picture spammage, so for full story with illustrations, please click 'read more'! 

 Say hello to the little magic screen that got Adam from UKM to Genting (I'm useless at directions)!

Rain? Pfft. Rain wouldn't stop Adam and May Lee from going up that mountain!

Okay, Adam and May Lee stopped at Burger King to re-fuel and wait out the rain. Safety first, folks.

Halfway up, it got misty! O.O

And then it cleared! Hello, Genting, I see you!

Aaaand.. it got misty at the top. Bah, Genting weather. Curses on your poor visibility.

Upon reaching, we immediately set out to wander Genting on foot. LoverBoy was scout and commander. May Lee was trailing behind, taking pictures of commander
and other random things. Look, this man looks so... HAPPY!

And of course May Lee had pictures taken of her too! Pfft, was there ever any doubt?
"Not really."

After much wandering (and me insisting I had the right directions, and LB telling me my directions were WRONG WRONG WRONG), we finally asked for directions (fine, I was sort of wrong, but I knew how to get there! I just took another way!), and found the Valley View? - I forget the name, oops - Garden. Too misty to see any valley, but the garden is not bad, nonetheless.
Who needs a valley view anyway? It's all about us!
LB getting a little too well-acquainted with the lamp post.
 The abandoned and unloved girlfriend.
Sympathy, please.

Later that night, the theme park opened, with free admission, for their Merdeka countdown!
I used to love this ride!
Little fascinated child. Ah, to be young and shorter than the water.
My ultimate favourite ride - The Space Shot! I can practically feel the adrenaline rush just by looking at it! The weather was a bit wonky though, so the ride wasn't running. Oh, the theme park usually closes at 7 or 8, but last night the rides stayed open til 12! Didn't ride on any though..

.. was too busy taking photos! I hijacked this poor innocent boy's sign. Muahaha.
Do not stand in the way of May Lee's photo ops!

Pretending to be in London, wtf. 
My boyfriend is almost saint-like in his patience and willingness to take pictures of me doing lame things.
A high-school band who is supposedly super awesome but they were pretty under-utilised so I didn't get to see how awesome they really are. That being said, halfway through the event it started to rain so LB and I hightailed it out of there, only returning some 2 hours later. So maybe in that time, the band unleashed their awesomeness, Idk.
Clowns! I used to be afraid of them when I was younger, but
what did I say about May Lee and photo ops?
What is a little childhood terror compared to an awesome opportunity like this?
I wish I had the courage to ask if I could borrow the stilts.. at my height, watching things from the depths of a crowd is not an experience I would recommend. Can't see for nuts *growls*. All pictures taken of the stage are taken by the taller of the two of us, LB.. I just leapt around trying to see HINTS of what was going on. Hey tall people! SHORT PEOPLE IN FRONT, geez! Stop making us suffer at the back while you tallies climb on fences to get EVEN TALLER! I didn't go all the way to Genting to get a good view of your arse and NOTHING ELSE, fml.
I found a way to amuse myself, though.
I don't think he gets the concept of 'pan cute'.

This is a much better view than what I could actually see from my vantage point.
LB: *stoops down to my eye level* WAHH.. you really can't see anything from here!
Me: Yes. I KNOW. Someone get those tall fuckers outta my face! *shuffles forward to peer through forest of arms*

It started raining shortly after, so we went to feed cuz we was hungry.
Still happy, not quite ravenous yet.

After a while, we started to realise that picking a restaurant based on how full it is has its drawbacks - full means slower service which means food that takes forever to arrive. NOT GOOD!

Desperation + hunger, not a good combination.
"That's chilli."
Btw, LB's facial expressions are so CUTE.
See what I mean?

After eating, we wandered around and saw THIS!
Neon bowling! Holy crap!

No tables at Starbucks, so we.. well, we sat at the car/taxi waiting area. =(
We weren't planning to sleep, so no hotel room, so need for COFFEH! Coffee with coffee jelly, can I get a 'yum!!'? With whipped cream on top!

Diet, I'm sorry you feel abandoned. Come on home, we'll talk things out! I'll attend couples therapy! Don't leave meeeeeeee T_____T

Rain somewhat over, we returned to brave the drizzle in honour of our nation's 53rd year of independence! Because there'd be fireworks!
*moment of silence*

Boom! Total awesomeness! 
The pictures do not do anything remotely resembling justice to the actual deal, but here's an idea! Pics by LB the Incredible, I would never be able to produce pictures like that!
1 new thing learned last night - fireworks produce debris that fall out of the sky into your eyes. Thing to do: wear bf's hoodie. And don't tilt face too far up.
But isn't it gorgeous?? So worth getting some dust in my eye!

The rest of the night is not documented with pictures, because the casino doesn't allow cameras in so we left it in the car.

Went shopping (at 1 in the am! I love Genting!), casino-hopping and wander-in-the-misty-cold-ing. Before falling asleep in the car for a couple of hours, and then driving down.

Ah, life. Whenever I start to get a touch of ennui, you always do something to liven things up.
P/S: LB is the awesome! Thanks for taking me on a mini holiday, baby. Random plans are the shizzam!