Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere

Just another scene from my window, of UKM in the peaceful golden rays of the sinking sun.

 "Just hold still, while I.... *gobble* oh my, your ticks are simply delicious, Arlene!"
SO CUTE. I haven't ever seen monkeys do that, I'm sorry if my city-girl roots are showing!
The human equivalent. 

As I type, some sort of monkey feud is happening outside my (firmly SHUT) window. I can hear all sorts of enraged monkey sounds, and a mild kerfuffle going on, accompanied by thumps on my window (eeek!). If this is some dispute over a mate, I really hope the mating part of the whole process will be carried out away from here; I don't want to listen to ecstatic monkeys getting it on!

Daaaayyyum, monkey, doesn't that HURT?
(Random observation: This is literally 'hot monkey sex' wtf)