Saturday, August 14, 2010

They Say Laughter is the Best Medicine

I've been bed-ridden for the past couple of days, miserably blowing my nose while simultaneously hacking away like a 2-pack-a-day-for-the-last-6-decades ciggie junkie - when I wasn't knocked out in feverish unconsciousness.

I'm a bit better today, though! I think this recovery is due in part to the massive amount of bed rest I had, and also this rather funny article I read.

Wanted: Some caring

Okay, it wasn't meant to be funny.. But the whole "guys, girls aren't really materialistic - the 5Cs ACTUALLY mean caring persona, cosmic hotness, confidence, comedy and character!" is really a bit of a joke. Idealistic much? Who did they interview anyway? Teenagers? They claim that it was a pool of women aged 18-35 but I find that almost ludicrous, or maybe it consisted of WAY more 18-year-olds than 30-odd year-olds.

Guys, as a member of the fairer sex I feel that I should tell you that the 5Cs may actually be 8Cs, and girls will choose those 8Cs based on the two sets of 5s combined - the materialistic 5 (car, cash, credit card, etc) and the character 5 as stated above.

I'm sorry if I burst your bubble - but honestly, women who look for potential life partners tend to look for outward signs of the ability to provide for a future family. And those signs do NOT include sleeping on the street/getting an allowance from parents/driving a car that has rust stains or, God forbid, a HOLE in the roof.. the list goes on. Of course, character is important as well - nobody wants to date a wealthy guy who picks his nose in public and kicks puppies on the street, or one who lacks social skills and cannot be brought home to meet the parents. 

I'd like to announce right now that I'm no mercenary money-sucker, even though this post pretty much kills the starry-eyed delusion of 'love' that lots of people have. I do not own any LV things, nor Coach, nor whatever amazingly exorbitantly-priced goodies they have on the market. I love wandering around Pavillion, gazing lustfully at shiny things that scream YOU CAN'T AFFORD ME!, but I'd honestly much rather buy them on my own than get a sugar daddy to buy them for me because then where's the satisfaction in that?

My most humble apologies if I've crushed any young, fresh dreams with the weight of my cynicism. I do know of people who love each other, regardless of money et al, but sometimes I sit and wonder how long it'd last after college.

Once we hit a certain age, our priorities change. That's a fact. I used to think love would survive on, well, love. I realised it doesn't. There are many factors in Love, and Love left to fend for itself against the wolves of life can easily turn into Hate. Not good.

P/S: just realised that the general tone of this post is at odds with the title. 


k0k s3n w4i said...

when i was in college, all guys took for granted that all you need in order to net yourself a highschooler girlfriend is a car. true story.

the materialistic stuff are probably important to those looking to build a family - but luckily for me, i'm not in that sort of relationship. my girlfriend cares more about companionship, conversation and cleverness. she's in the liberated woman camp, and would never want to be at the financial mercy of a man.

ah true love :p

May Lee said...

hahaha high school girls tend to be quite competitive in the 'who can get a cooler boyfriend' stakes.. but that's just really materialistic. hahaha.

honestly, though, women CAN be very materialistic (it could be a throwback to the times where men were the sole breadwinners, and if you married a deadweight, you'd end up on the streets); that being said, we also want good men, character-wise. fussy much? haha

your phoebs sounds really awesome ;) you is one lucky man.

kama said...

Caring persona??!?

Seen enough of life to know that's not really true.

"Character", "confidence" or "cosmic hotness" is very subjective or may not even be the most important thing to a lady, but it just boggles the (male) mind when you see some clueless bimbos throw dignity out the window and date remorseless jerks who treat them like shit and cheat on them just because they are rich/hot.

Its one thing to be materialistic but bloody hell, at least have some self respect, isn't that right.

May Lee said...

kama, i absolutely agree. materialism is all well and good in certain amounts, but giving up EVERYTHING just for a rich/hot guy is really sad. i wouldn't go so far as to call the girls 'clueless bimbos', though maybe they have some sort of deep-rooted emotional issues!