Friday, August 20, 2010

Boyfriend post!

Recently, the boyfriend's laptop decided to up and die on him in a spectacular fashion - necessitating major surgery by Dell who replaced his entire hard disk (for free, so the torture was merely mental and not wallet-al).

Today, I saw him for the first time in three weeks (curse you, Bangi, for being so damn far away from Subang!), and for some reason I wasn't soppily gazing into his eyes or memorising his nostrils or something.. I was looking at the box in which his new hard disk arrived. And I noticed something funny on top.

No shit, Sherlock.
I had no idea. No, seriously. Most enlightening.

On another note, I miss him already.

I love how we sit in A&W debating whether or not porn is partly responsible for social ills.
I love watching funny vids with him.
I love how he would suddenly snort while laughing at said funny vids.
I love thumping him on the back and telling him to 'STAND STRAIGHT, DAMMIT!'.
I love his 'pan cool' face.
I love that he loves the e-books I email to him.
I love how he's given up on me ever watching the tv shows he's loaded into my external hard disk.
I love pointing out pretty sunsets, and how he'd go 'WAAAAHHHHHHH SO NICE' totally sarcastically but I know he thinks it's pretty too. It's just, you know, hidden under a layer of pan-cool-ness.

His nostrils are perfect =)