Thursday, August 12, 2010

What. The. EFF.

Do you know of Bung Mokhtar? Yes, dear old Bung, best-known for his sexist remark about menstruation.

Recently, he hit the news AGAIN, this time for marrying some Malaysian actress without the consent of the Syariah court.

Me being the sweet, non-grudge-holding person that I am, sat back with glee, waiting for the courts to find him guiltier than sin and put his fat arse in jail for a month.

Bung: Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap tiap bulan! (What leak? Batu Gajah (referring to the stateswoman for Batu Gajah) leaks every month!)

Well, the Malaysian courts have let me down, and him off with a tiny slap on the wrist that was almost flirtatious in nature. 

"Teeheehee Bung, you're such a naughty boy."
A fine of RM1000? As opposed to a month in jail?


Here's something to give you some perspective about how little RM1000 actually is. 
A green tea frapp costs about RM15. It's less than 100 effing fraps.

Sometimes I worry about this country. It's almost like the decisions are made by some old uncles high on crack.


k0k s3n w4i said...

i,on the other hand, have resigned to the fact that this country in its final death throes. i see these sort of things as comedy nowadays.

i remember telling you about attending a CME in your campus awhile back, and we were subjected to some sort of talk by a very political OB/GYN specialist who listed being a high ranking member of the jemaah islamiyah as part of her credentials - an organisation deemed by the UN as a terrorist organisation and they sought to unite indonesia, philippines, singapore, brunei and malaysia into a single theocracy. and her talk was highly tinged with islamism, which had no place at all in the subject of her speech.

on a side note, i have totally forgotten what it's like listening to muslim prayers at the beginning of every event - being in a private institution and everything. so far, none of our godless events have been struck by a meteor or anything even though we have trucked on without His permission :)

May Lee said...

If it's comedy, it's one of those ancient Greek tragicomedies where everybody knows the ending but are spectators who watch the characters dig themselves into ever-deepening holes. sigh.

yes, i remember you telling me that! and wow, seriously? holy crap. i can't say i'm really very surprised at religion taking over the whole thing, though because i took an 'isu-isu ekonomi' course once and it turned out to be pure islamic economics. i did pretty well, but it was quite discomfiting at times when the lecturer started quoting verses in arabic.

p/s: ye heathens, repent now or forever live in fear of errant space debris striking ye on ye heathenly noggins.

Aileen Lim said...

"Almost like the decisions are made by some old uncles high on crack."? Almost like right on the money. -_-

It's good to worry about this country. That's one step closer to standing up for what we know should be. Though of course "should be" and "right" can far differ. As long as we live in this country or have loved ones here, the country is ours to worry about. Can't throw it to the dogs (aka uncles high on crack and their spawn kids).

May Lee said...

hahaha the spawn kids are also high on inherited crack, i think! and yeah, we definitely have the right to worry about the country we have invested so much emotion and time in. sometimes it's very discouraging, watching this could-be awesome country rush itself to a premature death. i'd LIKE to believe what we're told, but actually LIVING in the real world (as opposed to the crack-conjured one) tells us a story that is somewhat different.