Monday, August 23, 2010

*shifty eyed* I'm Supposed To Be Doing Actual Work

Yes, it is 12.19 am at the time of writing, and I have a presentation due at 12 pm tomorrow for my Gender Identities class. 
Work progress: almost nil.
Stress level: almost nil.

Sometimes I think I'm too chilled for my own good.

However, I just felt this NEED to blog about this awesome video I just watched (ooops, did I just give away the reason for my non-existent work progress?).

Watch first before reading!

Yeah, a guy who plays the piano with his feet. Okay, so I've seen people paint with their feet; what's the difference about the musically-inclined foot pianist guy?

His attitude.
I really like what he said - I have only two choices in life: either die now, or live a wonderful life.

It's so effing true, and we don't need to lop off any limbs to live that motto! Personally, I'm guilty of the crime of drifting.

Not the car sort.

I sometimes think my life kinda follows the Newton Law (I can't remember which one, I left my Physics behind 5 years ago HOLY CRAP I'M GETTING OLD wtf), the one that goes something along the lines of an object not changing direction until hit by some other object and/or force. 

Then I watch inspirational videos and I decide 'OKAY! I will take charge of my life!', which by the way, I am aware also constitutes objects that hit the object of my life in the Newton Law analogy. But at least I'm aware of it! And am making a change for the better! Don't judge meee T___T

Okay. Enough psychobabble, I shall go make minimal headway on my damn presentation, fml.

Go forth and do something effing awesome (burping musically DOES NOT COUNT), dammit. Go make discoveries in a scientific field or write the Great (Insert your country here) Novel. At least then I'd feel less guilty about blogging when I should be doing assignments fml fml fml. 

By the way, my Gender Identities notes talks about voyeurism and fetishism. I should be like *pervy grin and manic look in eye* ENTHUSIASM.COM but unfortunately even pervy things lose their luster when they are in the form of frickin lecture notes.

*trudges off gloomily to study fetishism*