Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Men Should Just Have Dogs, Not Wives and Children


Making one's wife and children run around flats 40 times in the middle of the afternoon is criminal.
The wife said that she is willing to be punished.. apparently she stole something, and the children were quite delinquent. But still! THAT IS NO EXCUSE!
I'm sorry, I start to rage when I read about gross injustices to people.

Even if said people are too passive to do anything about it themselves. 

I mean, call me idealistic, but is it too much to want men to treat their OWN FAMILIES with love and respect?
I know I know, life is never that simple, human emotions are complex and confusing, some women (and even men) are slightly masochistic, they'd rather dance with the devil they know than the devil they don't.
But honestly, people, we all only live once.
When you're 85, do you want to look back on your lifetime and think
"Why did I stay?"
"Why didn't I do what I wanted to?"
"Why didn't I stay with that job?"
"Why did I take that job?"
"Why didn't I go on that holiday?"
the list can stretch on and on.. 
The bottom line is: why live a life you'd regret?
After all, being a martyr doesn't do anything for YOU.
Why be content to let yourself be mistreated?
I'm not saying go crazy and chop up people who piss you off, or do drugs, or rob a bank.
I'm saying grow balls and take a deep breath before taking the plunge. I, of all people, should know about being scared. I was the kid who was so scared of water that during my swimming classes, I'd hover at the back of the line and let everybody go ahead of me so they can take turns jumping into the water. I picked standing at the back, all goose-pimples and chattering teeth, over taking the plunge and splashing around with the other kids.
I was the kid who cried buckets when my parents were late picking me up from school because I was scared of being abandoned.
I was the teenager who turned a blind eye to the things my boyfriend did, because I was worried I'd end up alone.
So I know about being scared, and even about preferring to stay in a bad situation because the unknown world seems so much scarier.
And actually, the hardest thing about a new situation is deciding whether or not to enter that situation! Once you just jump in, you realise that it's not as bad as you thought it'd be.

So ladies, take that damn leap. Stop making me blog rage whenever I read the papers.
And asshole men (not all men are dumbfucks, some are super awesome), karma will bite you in the ass one day. Just saying!

*deafening silence about the photography competition*

oh, happy birthday post after this! Just give me a chance to think Zen thoughts and get some pics emailed to me!