Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three Girls, A Laptop, and WAY Too Much Free Time

Other people kill time between classes by, I don't know, studying, or getting a head start on assignments, or having intellectual conversations with interesting people (it IS an institution of higher learning, after all!).

This is what Pei Vin, Christina and May Lee do when bumming around waiting for class to start.

Don't ask.

Practicing our salutes! Just in case... uh... Just in case.

We noticed some people walking by and smirking.. so we decided to cut out the weird faces.

I would post more pictures, but I'm afraid that they might not pass Pei Vin's very high Quality Control standards, and retribution may come in the form of online publication of the picture of our orgasmic faces (mocking a certain asshole, but we look very hideous. Karma is a bitch), in which I look vaguely like Darwin made a mistake and certain people are kin to donkeys. =(

We took a LOT of photos. Hah, Mr Photography Lecturer Who Questioned My Passion For Photography, I never said if my passion lay behind or in front of the camera.

To be honest, when I was young and I thought I would be tall like my 6-footer dad, I had a dream - to be a model. Sadly, sometime in Form 3, I realised: 'I'VE STOPPED GROWING!'. Hopes dashed. I'm a stunted 5 feet 3 inches. So, I decided that I shan't be bitter: I shall TAKE photographs instead! So what if I'm short, eh? No height minimum behind the camera!

The closest I'll ever get to fulfilling my childhood dream - sneaking pics inside boutiques' changing rooms *shifty eyed*. If you like this dress, it's from my uncle's boutique in SS15, Fab'louz Butiq, it really has a lot of awesome clothes! Check out their Facebook profile here.


Anna said...

There's no reason why you can't still become a petite model. It would be harder, but doable. Also, that dress looks stunning.

May Lee said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! You've totally made my day! =D

And yes, the dress really is awesome! I didn't have the guts to actually BUY it, though. =(

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, crazeh dressssss~ xD

And you're just crazy ! *teehee*

May Lee said...

=( i'm not crazy sasa! you meanie.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Wow, that's a pretty hot little number, and I must say you fill it quite well :)

you totally should buy that dress!

May Lee said...

aww thanks! haha i canttt.. for one, it's my uncle's shop and i don't have balls big enough to stroll out with that particular dress and casually pay for it at the counter. hahaha i am chicken.

Yvonne said...