Friday, September 10, 2010

Why I Love The Internet

Ads like this will NEVER appear in Malaysia.

Look at the ahem-level broken glass!
And the model is.. well.. =)

And some wonder why I am addicted to the Internet.

More reason to love the internet, hallelujah!
On Monday, I dropped LoverBoy's phone into the toilet (don't ask HOW it fell in or how I retrieved it, some traumatizing incidents are better left hazy). In a wild panic, I did what I do when I need help: I Googled it. And praise the good Lord, Google never lets me down.
'dropped phone in toilet' recovered a lot of hits that totally saved my life!
So, here are some tips for you, in case you ever face the same situation I did (and let's hope you don't).
  1. Remove the battery IMMEDIATELY.
  2. If you have dropped your phone in something that isn't pure water, rinse it off - it's already wet so further washing will do it more good than harm. Don't wash your battery, though.
  3. DO NOT TURN IT ON! Turning it on will most likely result in short-circuiting, and will finish off your phone completely.
  4. Disassemble it as best you can, and dry it under the fan or in an air-conditioned environment for at least 72 hours. Packing it in rice and/or quickly dunking it in 95% alcohol will quicken the drying process. The alcohol will help evaporate moisture inside the circuitry and the like. Obviously, you don't SOAK your phone in the alcohol.
  5. Resist the urge to turn it on and check. Remember the possibility of short-circuiting.
  6. After 72 hours, you can put the battery in and test it. However, the phone not working may not mean your phone is dead, it could just mean your battery is. Try it with another battery to double-check.
I just checked it after the 72 hours, and LoverBoy's phone SURVIVED! It has survived the ordeal intact except for a couple of wonky keys. And after being dunked where no phone wants to go! Conclusion: Nokias are awesome and Sony Ericssons (my phone is a SE, and has made more trips to the phone hospital - without toilet dunking! - than the Nokia has with a major water mishap under its belt!) suck balls.

I shall name thee Lazarus.

I would've just given it up for dead if it wasn't for the glorious Internet and the knowledge it contains.
Bless you, Internet <3


k0k s3n w4i said...

i'm an internet addict too :D

i went swimming with my phone in my pocket once, and did a whole lap before noticing it. then it suddenly hit me, "i got a freaking phone in my pocket" and surfaced. when i took out the phone, it's still lighted but after a second, it fizzled out. left it on my chest of drawers to dry in my room overnight and voila, it's resurrected the day after.

May Lee said...

high five, fellow addict!

and yeah i know how phones can feel so much like a part of you, you automatically take it wherever you go (hence my phone's presence in the bathroom). i'm glad your phone survived its dunking! nokia?

Anonymous said...

I am a proud owner of SE. Once, I accidentally dunked the phone in a pancake batter. Then, hot tomyam ter-tumpah on my phone. And last but not least, I dropped my phone in the toilet, and nothing happened.:D

May Lee said...

omg your phone sounds so abused! my SE should take tips from yours lol. mine can just die while im sleeping, stupid phone.

HOW did you dunk your phone in pancake batter??