Saturday, September 25, 2010

When You Think 'One Malaysia'

You would usually immediately think of
a) smiling people dressed in traditional clothes.
b) three happy people - one Malay, one Chinese and one Indian
c) the 1 Malaysia logo
So when I received the assignment for my photography class (I only joined because French AND German clashed with my major courses, fml) - to take 20 pictures under the theme '1 Malaysia', I was like "dieeeeeee!!"
Yes, I still feel like saying 'die!!' since I'm not done with my stupid assignment.
All I've taken are super lame photos of super lame things, fml fml fml fml. I mean, it'd be easy to gather some people, chuck them in costume and snap away but.. I don't want to! So I make things difficult for myself, whoopdeedoo.

Title: 1 Malaysia (Kita Semua Sama)
Wtf right. Even my title lacks pizzazz.


Anonymous said...

Personally when I hear the 1Malaysia slogan, I think, Oh my that is a rip off from the 1Germany slogan... the Nazi Germany slogan. "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, ein Fuhrer"

One people, one nation, one leader.

I am just surprised that AMCO, a jewish PR company would actually use and modify a Nazi slogan...or does this say something about what they think of their employer.

...sarah n... said...

haha. maylee...apa kata cuba tunjukkan suasana 1malaysia dalam komuniti institusi pengajian tinggi (read as UKM).

amik gambar event2 dalam UKM. smlm pun ada event open house UKM kan, things like that, that easily tell people that it unites us malaysian. apa2 benda yang kita buat di dalam UKM, yang nampak biasa, too common, but thats what unites us all. paham x maksud saya? i mean. depends on how u see malaysia itself.

if u see malaysia as 1 malaysia when u were in school, then, amik gambar, budak2 balik sekolah ke..kalau u rasa 1 malaysia wujud semasa people tengok jomheboh, then amik gambar konsert tu. atau mungkin u rasa 1malaysia when people help poor people on the street, then, snap it.

simple, common, but, thats us. malaysian. geddit?

sori, panjang pulak..hehe

May Lee said...

anon - now THAT'S weird. why would jews want to use anything associated with hitler?

sarah - hey, suggestions sarah mmg best giler. i will definitely take those into consideration babe! terima kasih.. eh xde la panjang sngt.. and anyway, suggestions yg bagus will never be considered 'panjang'. thanks again babe <3

aisya said...

tiba2 teringat masa maylee, sy, rafhan, hani and christina mkn kat azura sem lepas...


...sarah n... said...


hehe.simple je. kalau sy ada camera, dah banyak dh jadi koleksi. haa. gmbr pegi mkn di azura, rafhan, hani christina dgn maylee makan di azura pun leh jugak! multiracial AND lepak in mamak or warung. that definitely MALAYSIAN! no place else has it, aite?


bersedia jadi model maylee. hahaha