Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Other People Only Get ONE Surprise Party A Day

Chrissy got TWO!

(only the first of the day but she didn't know it muahaha)
You can't tell from the picture, but we're super hungry and only our love for camwhoring gave us what we needed to smile for the camera, only inches away from a huge pot of delicious pasta.

The guy who made it happen - Nigel!
Seriously. He made the pasta (SUUUPER YUMMY HOLY CRAP) and brought the cake!
He called me on Sunday to tell me the plan, all I had to do was bring Chrissy to her college's cafe! And tell Chris Tan and Pei Vin, of course. Is he awesome or what??
No other pics, sorry, we were starving and spent the whole time eating like famished wolves!

Later at night,
Pusingan kedua!
She thought she was going to eat ais kacang with Sasa, bless her innocent soul.
Cake (and lots of food!) courtesy of her sister, Melissa, who planned the whole thing and enlisted my help in getting ready the UKM side of the party.
From right, Arun, Melissa, Chrissy's mum and Melissa's friend (sorry I forgot!! D:)
Taken while waiting for Chrissy to arrive
Still waiting...
 And then.. SURPRISE!
Just realised my handwriting is so childish T___T
Haha I love how it looks like everybody is looking at the fish.
Sasa wanted to feed the birthday girl, and I wanted to feed myself. Fruit salad, yummy!
Sasa, David and Nana.
Nice.. uh.. pose, David.
Me, Hani and Sasa!
This is David, happily eating his cake, not knowing that
Chrissy has a PLAN.
*insert maniacal laughter*
You took it like a man, David. Proud of you.

So this concludes the tale of Chrissy's two birthday parties! Now, go off and insist that your friends plan two surprise parties for you too!