Monday, September 27, 2010

Frozen Fingers and Photography: 1 Malaysia Photo Exhibition

After a weekend of sheer panic and frantic running around trying to snap 1Malaysia photos, I am DONE!
Today was the launch of the photography exhibition/competition in conjunction with the 4th International Malaysian Educational Technology Convention, and it was awesome!

Uh.. excuse my crap writing, my fingers were stiff cos it was SO COLD there *malu*
It's being held at the Putra Hotel opposite the IJN til the 29th.
That's when they'll announce the winners for the competition! If you get into the top ten, you'd get an automatic A for Photography! *excited*
As you can tell, I went with the shoe picture.. and I'm glad!
Everybody else produced pictures of the Jalur Gemilang, bunga raya, smiling people of different races, and food.
There were lots of nice ones though!

My competition, bah. HOW TO WINNN *despairs*
Oh, if you're wondering about the last pic, just look in her eye. You'd see a teeny-tiny 1Malaysia logo. In this case, I don't think the use of the logo is cliche! One thing though, what's up with the purdah? It's not really synonymous with the typical Malaysian -____-

The officiator (UKM's Deputy Vice Chancellor) did comment on my picture though. But all he did was laugh and say "Kasut (shoes)?" so I don't know how to take that. Is that... good? Or is he offended I compared Malaysians to shoes?
Anyway, after that, Pei Vin and I hightailed it out of there.
My dear expensively-dressed friend squatting outside the hotel
Bit incongruous, no?
 But that's how we ROLL.
Oh, hello there! I'm May Lee and I like pretending to be a homeless person!
Title: "Waiting"
I think this fully expresses our mind-numbing boredom.

Result will be out on Wednesday! If I win, I will gush eloquently (or hysterically) and force my excitement on you guys!
If I don't, I will keep silent. Tahu-tahu lah.


k0k s3n w4i said...

without any caption, i don't think anyone would associate your entry with racial unity in a particular south east asian country.

just my two cents, for what they are worth.

May Lee said...

hahaha.. well, i didn't want the message to be obvious! once you read the title, everything will become clear. especially when you read it from a 1malaysia perspective!

k0k s3n w4i said...

at the risk of sounding like a philistine, my response would be "we are... kasut?" :P

I totally get how the officiator feels, haha.

May Lee said...

hahahaha.. oh well. i was in a shoe shop when i took that picture! didn't win, bah. i bet it was the shoe thing.