Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sex: It's Not The Main Problem

My stand that Malaysia is woefully under-equipped to deal with the sexuality of its young adults is, I think, well documented on this blog.
Baby-dumping is just an effect of the rampant ignorance that has a stranglehold on Malaysians, and I have always shaken my head and tut-tutted at the lack of sex education due to the narrow-mindedness of the people in charge. I say that educating young people who have access to information but no knowledge as to how to use said information properly is vital, as the information they get could be incomplete or even erroneous. But many leaders choose to blame things like 'curiosity' and 'porn'.
I think it's not ALL their faults; they are, after all, OLD. And old people tend to be more kolot.
Combine kolotness and general ostrich-in-sand behaviour and you get, well, lots of people bonking left right centre thinking syphillis is a new brand or something and that pregnancies only occur after you have had the big wedding.

Nevermind that for now.

I recently saw an awesome ad on this blog, and like all other ads, it will disappear at whim (bah). So being smart, I kept the link for you, my dear readers! =D

This site is called 'Yes I Can' and is targeted at preventing unplanned pregnancies. Not the complete guide to safe sex, but somewhat informative. What I like most about the site is that it doesn't sermonise about how sex is bad and should only happen within the bonds of marriage. I mean, it's all fine and good to have certain principles regarding pre-marital sex, but it's better to recognise that more and more people are doing it now, and it is imperative that they do it knowledgeably! This site talks about sex frankly and advises people to speak to their doctors if they have questions regarding sex. This is awesome, because when people are super shy, they end up asking their friends. And frankly, how much do friends know? Asking friends is fertile ground for misconceptions and myths to blossom.

"Eh eh how do people get pregnant ar?"
"Eh you so bodoh, like that also dunno?"
"Tell me la! Asking you now right"
"Haiya very easy la.. you just do IT after you married la. Then after that pregnant one."
"SERIOUS? Then before married?"
"Won't one la! Confirm!"

This is what I was told sometime in Form 1. I believed that friend; imagine my shock when my mum sat me down to talk about the birds and the bees!

"HAAAAHHH??? Before married also can get pregnant???"

Conclusion: Yes I Can is a very positive beginning for what I hope would end up with a more open Malaysia, with much less ignorance-caused sexual problems.
If you're planning to do it, PLEASE learn the basics before doing anything. And by basics, I don't mean styles. I mean basic prevention methods, the common STDs, and hygiene. If you can't even begin to fathom what I'm talking about, then YOU are at risk. So do yourself a favour.


MW Fun said...

Nice post. A little knowledge is dangerous as the whole picture is not seen and conclusions/actions of serious consequences may be made. People should be given full and accurate information, whether they want to do anything with it, will then be up to their own judgment as they will already know what they are facing with.

May Lee said...

nicely said! my sentiments exactly.

aiwei said...

haha myth of sex. My fren used to think kissing on neck can get u pregnant becos the tvb drama always make it looks that way LOL

May Lee said...

hahaha see? this is why we need sex ed! before i realised ppl had do something to get pregnant, i used to think that once you get married and kiss, babies magically appear in your stomach.