Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you could write a letter to your future self,

what would you say?
I used to keep diaries, and I sometimes glance through them and laugh at the child I used to be.
School drama, unspoken yearnings to be 'cool', and crushing on different boys each month, my diaries are full of anecdotes that bring memories down around me like a tidal wave or a big warm blanket, depending on the memory.

The Diary of May Lee, quite like the Diary of Anne Frank, but wayyyy less dramatic and un-tragic. Unless you put unrequited crushes on the same level as the Holocaust, which I sort of did. I have since learned to put things in perspective, okay!

I wrote about notable (to me) events,
complete with illustrations!
I fell in love (many times)
and emo-ed about it.
BTW, he liked me back. *shy blush*

Anyway, the point I was trying to get at is this: Your past self is the base on which your future self is built.. and sometimes it helps to bring up your past voice: it reminds you of what you set out to do, of how you used to be and shows you how far you've come.

But you don't have to have diaries.

My friend recently linked me to this site:

It's a site where you can write an email to yourself and pick a date for it to be delivered to your email address, say a year into the future or even 15 years from now. And you never know, your future self could be reminded of your principles or aspirations! You could literally change your path, in the future!

I thought it's a really awesome concept, so I sent two emails to myself. One to be sent a year from now, full of serious questions that I hope will be answered by then (and also ones like are you single, are you working, who's the president now?); and one to be sent on the 22nd of December 2012. You know, asking if the world has ended or were we conned by the Mayans. BTW, I'm planning to have a major party on the 20th, to celebrate life just in case the world goes into apocalyptic chaos on the 21st. No holds barred, crazy partying. Hopefully we'd be too stoned to notice the world ending.


k0k s3n w4i said...

the mayan long count calendar ends at that point... there's absolutely no indication that they believed the world will go kaput then. it's helpful to just think that the subsequent long count calendar just wasn't published yet when the civilisation ended -.-

even if the mayan did think the world will end at that point (they didn't), there's still no reason to trust their prediction anymore than we should trust the biblical account for jesus' 2nd coming will arrive before the generation that was alive in his time have all died off (didn't happen) - or any of the thousands of end of world prophecies that prophets have prophesied.

i didn't keep a diary *shrugs* my blog's the closest thing i have to one.

May Lee said...

i hope you're right, since i don't much fancy the thought of perishing before i even start to get wrinkly! that being said, the party is still on.. just in case!

i've always like scribbling. i've exchanged diaries for a blog, but the concept is still the same - a place to write down whatever i feel like writing. =D

MW Fun said...

Haha, your worrying about whether the world will end is causing your wrinkles. :P Stop worrying and live life.

May Lee said...

hahaha.. yes boss! i don't want wrinkles!